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NCAR GV taking off from Guam airport, 19 Jan 2014, for Research Flight 4 of the NSF CONTRAST field campaign

Our research focuses on quantification of the effect of human activity on atmospheric composition.

We develop computer models that are compared to observations obtained from orbital, air-borne, balloon, and ground based platforms.  Our focus is on stratospheric ozone depletion and recovery, air quality, climate change, and the global carbon cycle.  These studies are motivated by the need to define how atmospheric composition is being altered by emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases that affect air quality and drive climate change.

Our group participates in many atmospheric chemistry field campaigns, including the recent NSF sponsored CONTRAST campaign that based in Guam during winter 2014.  We are members of the NASA Aura Science Team, the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 Science Team, and we have been active investigators of data collected over Maryland during the NASA DISCOVER-AQ mission in summer 2011 as well as on-going measurements of local air quality obtained by a UMCP aircraft that is part of the Maryland Department of the Environment sponsored RAMMPP Program.

We offer exciting research opportunities that allow students to participate in satellite missions and field campaigns as well interact with scientists at national laboratories such as NASA and NOAA.  Please explore our page for prospective students and contact Ross Salawitch at rjs "@" atmos do t umd do t edu) if interested in further information.

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