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Apr 28 - 3:30pm
Student Seminar by David Groff
University of Maryland
"A Conditional Study of Forecast Sensitivity to Observations"

Apr 30 - 3:30pm
AOSC Seminar by Dr. David Dewitt
NOAA/NWS/National Centers for Environmental Prediction
"State of the Art Short-Term Climate Forecasting: Current Status, Prospects for Improvement, and Remaining Challenges"

May 5 - 3:30pm
Student Seminar by Laura Dunlap
University of Maryland

May 7 - 3:30pm
AOSC Seminar by AOSC Students
University of Maryland

May 8 - 12:00pm
AOSC Brown Bag by Ms. Christina Liaskos
"Preparation of monoterpene standards in support of global atmospheric measurements"

May 12 - 3:30pm
Student Seminar by Eric Hughes
University of Maryland

Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. The Department, part of the Earth Sciences Program that includes the collocated Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and climate earth sciences.

The department's research strengths are reinforced by strong collaborations leading to joint research topics with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland Departments of the Environment and of Natural Resources, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction of the National Weather Service, the NOAA Satellite and Air Research Laboratories, all of which are located near the campus.

James Carton, Professor and Chairman

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Raghu Murtugudde of AOSC and ESSIC cited in the Baltimore Sun
"Strong influence of westerly wind bursts on El Niño diversity" was published online this week in Nature Geoscience. The study suggests that prolonged wind bursts originating in the western Pacific have a strong effect on whether an El Niño event will occur and how severe it is likely to be. In addition, the paper identifies three distinct varieties of El Niño, and explains how these westerly wind bursts can determine which variety will take shape. The findings should help refine future predictions of these global-scale climate events.

Posted on April 24, 2015
Dr. Eugenia Kalnay elected

Eugenia Kalnay, holder of The Eugenia Brin Professorship in Data Assimilation and Distinguished University Professor has been elected to the very prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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