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NCAR GV taking off from Guam airport, 19 Jan 2014, for Research Flight 4 of the NSF CONTRAST field campaign

We publish extensively in the peer reviewed literature.

My publication record is available at Researcher ID, maintained by ISI Web of Knowledge.

One highlight of our publication record is a paper entitled "A new interpretation of total column BrO during Arctic Spring" that examined data collected during the NASA ARCTAS and NOAA ARCPAC atmospheric chemistry field campaigns as well as the NASA Aura OMI instrument.  This paper appeared as a Frontier article  featured on the cover of  Geophysical Research Letters:

We showed many "hotspots" in the satellite record of total column BrO could be due to compression of stratospheric air associated with a low altitude (high pressure) tropopause with the ultimate origin of the measured BrO being biological processes in the tropical oceans, rather than surface release of inorganic (non-biological) bromine.  The paper has been cited more than three dozen times since it's publication in late 2010.

Another recent highlight is our paper entitled "An empirical model of global climate - Part 1: A critical evaluation of volcanic cooling".  We suggested major volcanic eruptions may have considerably smaller effect on global climate than commonly thought.  As of Aug 2014, the paper has been viewed more than 2000 times since publication in Feb 2013, or about 4 views per day (this is a healthy number of views for a journal article).  The figure below, abstracted from the paper, is explained on this link of the Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry website.


Colleagues interested in setting up their own Researcher ID webpage can register at:


and can obtain more information about this program at http://www.researcherid.com/


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