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Jeffrey W. Stehr

To detail my commitment to teaching, how I like to teach, and what I think is important in being a good teacher, I put together a teaching portfolio full of my thoughts on teaching, materials that I have used while teaching, and reflections on how I would improve these materials for the next time I used them or for the possibility that someone else might like to try the same things. I have tried to include the original materials where possible, but some of the hand-drawn illustrations are missing. As usual, you can bring up any document you like by clicking on the highlighted words.

My Philosophy of Teaching

A test

My reflections on a test that I wrote as an undergraduate, and how I would improve it. When I wrote it, I thought it was a very good test, but after looking at it a second time, there are some things that I would change.

A lab exercise

In this exercise, students critique each other's laboratory reports, much like the strategy used in many creative writing classes. Students were able to see what their peers were doing, and could then look more objectively at their own work and identify areas of their reports that needed improvement.

A student evaluation questionnaire

I asked my students these questions a few weeks into the quarter so I could make changes to accommodate their needs. This is not a multiple-choice evaluation form. Instead, I was interested in opinions and feedback that I could use to improve my teaching. The questions are pointed toward several ideas that I was considering, but did not want to implement without asking for student input first.

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