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T.A. Evaluation Questionnaire

Note: some changes have been made in the spacing and arrangement of items.

T.A. Evlauation for 1253.3, Section 54 (all responses will be considered anonymous!) I will use your responses to make changes in the way I teach the course, so let me know what you think!

Grading of Homework: Are the points given reasonable? Are the comments helpful? What could we do with the homework that would be more helpful?

What do you think of the statement: In lab, the exercises assigned are far too difficult and too long to be completed in a single period? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Should we spend more time in the beginning of lab going over predictions to make sure everyone is on the same page, or are things usually clear? Describe what might be done to make things better. (Note: students had to come to class having made a number of predictions on the outcomes of various parts of the lab.)

When you write up the results of a lab, do you know what is expected of you? What could be made clearer?

Not including class time, on average, how much time do you spend on this class each week? Is there any one thing which takes up an inappropriate share of this time?

Please write any other comments, suggestions, etc. on the back of this sheet.

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