Department of
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
Department Chairman: James Carton
Phone: 301-405-5391

Business Office:
3415 Computer & Space Sciences Bldg
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Academic and Research Faculty

Allen , Dale Associate Research Scientist2423-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-7629
Andrade, Marcos Adjunct Associate Professor[protected e-mail]
Baer, Ferdinand Professor Emeritus2431-CSS[protected e-mail] Professor Em
Berbery , Hugo Affiliate Research Professor2441-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-0323
Bozorg Magham, Amir Ebrahim Post Doctoral Associate2431-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5802
Brown, Christopher Visiting Research Scientist 5825 M-Square[protected e-mail] 301-405-0323
Canfield, Norman Research Scientist Emeritus4351-CSS[protected e-mail] Professor Em
Canty, Timothy Research Assistant Professor and Director, UG & MPAO Programs3427-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5360
Carton , Jim Professor / Chairman3413-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5365
Chai, Tianfeng Associate Research Scientist4261-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1393
Chen, Ligang Assistant Research Engineer2439-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-7887
Chen, Wen Post Doctoral Associate2405-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-8526
Chepurin , Gennady Associate Research Scientist2433-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5369
Crawford, Alice Faculty Assistant5830-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1380
DeCola, Philip Adjunct Professor5825 M-Square[protected e-mail] 301-552-6048
Dickerson , Russell Professor2413-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5364
Doddridge, Bruce Adjunct ProfessorNASA Langley[protected e-mail] 757-864-1713
Ellingson, Robert Professor EmeritusFSU[protected e-mail] 850-644-6292
Ertem, Gozen Visiting Research Scientist4110-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Evans, Mike Affiliate Associate Professor1212B Chemistry Building [protected e-mail] 301-405-8763
Gilmore, Elisabeth Affiliate Assistant Professor3135 Van Munching Hall [protected e-mail] 301-405-6360
Greybush, Steven Adjunct Assistant Professor 2431-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-8022
Grodsky , Semyon Research Scientist2409-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5330
He, Hao Post Doctoral Associate2411-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-314-1462
Higgins, Wayne Adjunct ProfessorNOAA NCEP[protected e-mail] 301-763-8000
Hudson, Robert Professor Emeritus3421-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5394
Ide, Kayo Associate Professor3403-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-0591
Jin, Menglin Visiting Professor2435-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Jordan, Rick Adjunct ProfessorDickson Wright[protected e-mail]
Kahn, Ralph Adjunct Professor3420-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Kalnay, Eugenia Distinguished University Professor3431-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5370
Kelley, Paul Faculty SpecialistNOAA / NCWCP Building[protected e-mail] 301-683-1389
Kim, Hyun Cheol Faculty Specialist5830-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1390
Kirk-Davidoff, Daniel Adjunct Associate Professor[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Kleist, Daryl Adjunct Assistant Professor3420-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Kousky, Vernon Adjunct Professor[protected e-mail] 304-405-5391
Lampkin, Derrick Assistant Professor3423-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-7797
Laszlo, Istvan Adjunct Professor[protected e-mail] 301-405-5378
Lau, William K. Adjunct Professor5825 University Research Court[protected e-mail] 301-405-5395
Levitus, Sydney Research Scientist3441-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-2167
Li, Ming Adjunct Professor[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Li, Yan Faculty Assistant 3417-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Li, Zhanqing Professor2441-CSS/M-square[protected e-mail] 301-405-6699
Liang, Xin-Zhong Professor2441-CSS/M-square[protected e-mail] 301-405-6300
Lima, Leonardo Nascimento Faculty Assistant2431-CSS[protected e-mail]
Liu, Yun Post Doctoral Associate3435-CSS [protected e-mail] 301-405-5351
McGill, Matthew Visiting Research Scientist NASA[protected e-mail] 301-614-6281
Miller, Laury Adjunct ProfessorNOAA/NESDIS301-683-3331
Miralles - Wilhelm , Fernando Professor/ Acting Director of ESSIC4024 M-Square[protected e-mail] 301-405-0788
Miyoshi, Takemasa Visiting Professor3417-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-7797
Murtugudde, Raghuram Professor2441-CSS/M-square[protected e-mail] 301-314-2622
Ngan, Fong Post-Doctoral Associate4208-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1375
Nigam, Sumant Professor3419-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5381
Pan, Li Post-Doctoral Associate4260-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1392
Pena Mendez, Malaquias Adjunct Associate Professor5830-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-3711
Penny, Stephen Assistant Research Professor2431-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-0050
Pentakota, Sreenivas Visiting Assistant Research Scientist[protected e-mail]
Pickering, Kenneth Adjunct Professor2105-Jull Hall[protected e-mail] 301-405-7639
Piety, Charles FacultyAssistant 2101- Jull Hall[protected e-mail]
Pinker, Rachel Professor2427-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5380
Rafique, Rashid Visiting Assistant Research ScientistCSS-4100[protected e-mail]
Ren, Xinrong Research Scientist5830-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1391
Rudolsky, Scott Adjunct Assistant Professor5825 University Research Court[protected e-mail] 301-405-4204
Ruiz-Barradas, Alfredo Associate Research Professor3437-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-0160
Salawitch, Ross Professor2403-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5396
Schwarber, Adria 3103-Jull[protected e-mail]
Shou, Yixuan Visiting Assistant Research Scientist2435-CSS[protected e-mail] 301 405 5391
Smith, Steven Adjunct Professor8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 2[protected e-mail] 301-314-6745
Susanto, Raden Dwi Visiting Research Scientist[protected e-mail]
Tang, Youhua Assistant Research Scientist3417-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Tao, Wei-Kuo Adjunct Professor3417-CSS301-405-5391
Thompson, Anne Adjunct Professor2355-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-2782
Tong, Quansong Associate Research Scientist 5830-Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-1394
Tribett, Walter Faculty Assistant4100-CSS
Tzortziou, Maria Affiliate Research Associate ProfessorNASA[protected e-mail] 301-614-6048
Uccellini, Louis Adjunct ProfessorNOAA NCEP[protected e-mail]
Van Den Dool, Hugo Adjunct Professor2229-CSS301-405-5378
Vernekar, Anandu Professor Emeritus2419-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-538
Vinnikov, Konstantin Research Scientist Emeritus2407-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5382
Warner, Juying Xie Associate Research Scienctist3433-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-2792
Weaver, Scott Adjunct Associate Professor5830 Research Park Building 1 [protected e-mail] 301-683-3434
Wei, Zigang Assistant Research Scientist2102- Jull Hall[protected e-mail] 301-405-1168
Wolfe, Glenn Adjunct Assistant ProfessorNASA Goddard Space Flight Cent[protected e-mail] 301-614-6008
Yang, Kai Associate Research Scientist3439-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5394
Yaros, Ronald Affiliate Associate Professor2100M John S. and James L. Kni[protected e-mail] 301-405-2425
Zeng, Ning Professor2417-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-5377
Zhang, Da-Lin Professor2419-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-2018
Zhang, Xuerong Faculty Assistant4100-CSS[protected e-mail]
Zheng, Quanan Research Scientist Emeritus4353-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-405-8253
Zou, Xiaolei Adjunct Professor5825 University Research Court[protected e-mail] 301-405-1532
Zwally, H. Jay Affiliate ProfessorNASA Goddard[protected e-mail] 301-614-5643


Ahn, Doyeon 2103-JullSalawitch
Arkinson, Heather 2101-Jull[protected e-mail] Dickerson
Bach, Eviatar Incoming Fall 2017Kalnay
Bauer, Timothy [protected e-mail] Zhang
Beckley , Burke 2108-Jull[protected e-mail] Z. Li
Benish , Sarah 2106-Jull[protected e-mail] Dickerson
Bhargava, Kriti 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Kalnay/Carton
Bolt, Ryan Incoming Fall 2017Liang/TA
Boyer, Tim NOAA/NODC[protected e-mail] Carton
Buckley, Ellen Incoming Fall 2017Farrell
Cavanagh, Casey 2102-Jull[protected e-mail] Lampkin
Chang, Chu-Chun 3111-Jull[protected e-mail] Kleist
Chen, Tse-Chun 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Kalnay
Cipriani, James [protected e-mail] Ide
Clark, Ryan 3110-Jull[protected e-mail] Nigam
Cummings, Kristin 2343-CSS[protected e-mail] Pickering/Allen
Da, Cheng 4343-CSS[protected e-mail] Kalnay
Da Silva, Silvia 3110-Jull[protected e-mail] Miralles-Wilhelm
Dai, Ni 4343-CSS[protected e-mail] Arkin/Nigam
Dangol, Sijal 3106-Jull[protected e-mail] Liang
Dennis, Eli Incoming Fall 2017Berbery
Dibia, Emmanuel Incoming Fall 2017
Eager, Rebecca 3118-Jull[protected e-mail] Nigam
Fedkin, Nikita 3106-Jull[protected e-mail] Dickerson, C. Li
Fons, Steven 3416 CSS - Teaching Assistant[protected e-mail] TA AOSC 200/201
Gohil, Kanishk 3107-Jull[protected e-mail] Kleist
Gottshall, Eric 2107-Jull[protected e-mail] Carton
Graham, Neal 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Willhelm-Morrales
Greeley, Adam 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Carton/Marcus
Grimes (CHEM), Courtney 2107-CSS[protected e-mail] Dickerson
Groff, David [protected e-mail] Ide
Hall, Dolly 2101-Jull[protected e-mail] Dickerson
Han, Jee-Hye 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Harris/Carton
Hembeck, Linda 4114B-CSS[protected e-mail] Salawitch/Canty
Hope, Austin 4114B-CSS[protected e-mail] Salawitch/Canty
Howe, Shaun 3416 CSS- Teaching Assistant[protected e-mail] Zeng
Huang, Xinzhou 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Allen/Pickering
Hughes, Eric 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Yang/Dickerson
Jeffrey, Dylan 3416 CSS - Teaching Assistant[protected e-mail] Kleist
Jeffrey, Jeb Incoming Fall 2017Warner/TA
Jeong, Inseong Canty (MPAO Program)
Johnson, Benjamin 3106-Jull[protected e-mail] Carton
Jongeward, Andrew 3118-Jull[protected e-mail] Z. Li
Joseph, Casey 3416 CSS - Teaching Assistant[protected e-mail]
Junghenn, Katherine 2108-Jull[protected e-mail] Z. Li
Kablick, Pat 3101-Jull[protected e-mail] Z. Li
Kaltenbaugh, Alex Incoming Fall 2017Thompson/TA
Kholodovsky, Vitaly 3111-Jull[protected e-mail] Liang
Laura, Kowal Incoming Fall 2017Canty (MPAO)
Lenninger, Katherine Incoming Fall 2017Pickering/TA
Leslie, Liam Incoming Fall 2017Nigan/TA
Li, Yunyao CSS 4114A[protected e-mail] Pickering
Lippi, Donald 3110-Jull[protected e-mail] Kleist
Lukens, Katherine 3110-Jull[protected e-mail] Berbery
Lynch, Erin 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Ide/Kalnay
Martin, Cory 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Zeng
Marvin, Margaret (CHEM) 2106-Jull[protected e-mail] Salawitch
Mazzuca, Gina 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Dickerson/Pickering
Meyers, Patrick ESSIC-3105 (Off Campus)[protected e-mail] Busalacchi
Miller, William 4341-CSS[protected e-mail] Zhang
New, David 3416 CSS- Teaching Assistant[protected e-mail] Liang
Oudit, Crystal 3111-Jull[protected e-mail] Nigam
Ozog, Scott 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Dickerson/McGill
Pan, Yutong 4343-CSS[protected e-mail] Zeng
Porter, Gregory 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Kleist
Porter, Warren 3107-Jull[protected e-mail]
Pryor, Kenneth NOAA[protected e-mail] Liang
Reagan, James NOAA/NODC[protected e-mail] Carton
Ring, Allison 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Canty (PhD)
Sabol Thomas, Catherine 2343-CSS[protected e-mail] Ide/Kalnay
Sahu (CHEM), Sayantan 2107-Jull[protected e-mail] Dickerson
Schwarber, Adria 3103-Jull[protected e-mail] Gilmore & Salawitch
Sengupta, Agniv 4341-CSS[protected e-mail] Nigam
Sharma, Ambrish 2103-Jull[protected e-mail] Allen
Shin, Jung Hoon 4341-CSS[protected e-mail] Zhang
Shontz, Kathryn [protected e-mail] Kalnay
Sluka, Travis 4114C-CSS[protected e-mail] Kalnay
Stratton , Phillip [protected e-mail] Dickerson/Vinnikov
Su, Tianning 3107-Jull [protected e-mail] Z. Li
Sun, Chao 3101-Jull[protected e-mail] Liang
Thomas, Natalie 4339-CSS[protected e-mail] Nigam/Weaver
Tian, Xiaoxu [protected e-mail] X. Zou
Treacy, Angela 3416 CSS - Teaching AssistantKalnay
Wawrzyniak, Tyler Incoming Fall 2017Zhang/Warner
Wespetal, Matthew 3110-Jull[protected e-mail] Kalnay
Whales, Pam (CHEM) 2106-Jull[protected e-mail] Salawitch
Williams, Matthew 4114D-CSS [protected e-mail] Canty (MPAO Program)
Wolbach, Steven 3122-Jull[protected e-mail] Carton
Xu, Deyong Canty (MPAO)
Yoshida, Takuma 3106-Jull [protected e-mail] Kalnay, Penny
Zenginoglu (MPAO Program), Anil 4114A[protected e-mail] Canty (TA)
Zhang, Lei 3122-JullZ. Li
Zhang, Ying 4343-CSS[protected e-mail] Ide
Zhang, Yuwei 3101-Jull[protected e-mail] Z. Li
Zheng, Youtong 3103-Jull[protected e-mail] Li


NameJob TitleOfficeEmailPhone
James Carton Chair3413-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-5365
Genevieve Cooper Coordinator (Faculty Assistant)3417-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-5391
Bernadette Gatewood Payroll and Benefits Coordinator3411-CSS[protected e-mail] 301-314-2785
Tammy Hendershot Graduate & Undergraduate Program Manager3405-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-5389
Jeff Henrikson IT Manager / Faculty Specialist2425-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-5357
Siyu "Nicole" Shan Account and Business Manager3409-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-5372
June Sherer Director of Administrative Services3407-ATL[protected e-mail] 301-405-2435