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Spring 2007
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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium (Rm. 2400) on the second floor of the New Wing of the Computer and Space Science Building.

Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the adjoining Atrium at 3:00 p.m.
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Special Seminar:
Friday, January 12 at 11 am in CSS 3425
Impact of climate change on the water cycle in West Africa:
Numerical modelling and uncertainty
Dr. Tristan d'Orgeval

Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du C.N.R.S.
Contact: Hugo Berbery


February 1
Hybrid Variational/Ensemble Data Assimilation
Dr. Dale Barker

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff

February 8
Climate Change Technology Research: Do we need a Manhattan Project for the Environment?
Mr. Lee Lane

Climate Policy Center
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff

February 15
Tracking the sources of stratospheric water: new measurements of isotopic markers of deep convection
Dr. Elizabeth Moyer

Harvard University
Contact:Dan Kirk-Davidoff

February 22
Causes and Impacts of the 2005 Amazon Drought
Prof. Ning Zeng

University of Maryland
Contact: Ning Zeng


March 1
The Global Aerosol System as Viewed by MODIS Today
Dr. Lorraine Remer

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Contact: Zhanqing Li

March 8
Linking Landscape and Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin for 200 years
Prof. R. Eugene Turner

Louisiana State University
Contact: Daniel Kirk-Davidoff

March 15
SO2 over China detected with EOS Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument and aircraft in-situ measurements
Dr. Nickolay A. Krotkov

Contact: Zhanqing Li
Background on OMI
Relevant Paper

March 22
Spring Break --- No Seminar

March 29
Tropical influences on the hydroclimate and vegetation of Central and Southwest Asia
Prof. Matt Barlow

U. Mass Lowell
Contact: Sumant Nigam.


April 5
The Impact of Tropical Indian Ocean Warming on Southern Hemisphere Polar Climate
Dr. Judith Perlwitz

NOAA Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Contact:Dan Kirk-Davidoff

April 12
History of Numerical Weather Forecasting
Prof. Kristine Harper

New Mexico Tech
Contact:Dan Kirk-Davidoff

April 19
The Origins of ITCZ, Monsoon and Monsoon Onset
Dr. Winston Chao

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff

April 26
The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium at the 2007 AMS Annual Meeting: Gene's Hydroclimate Legacy
Prof. Sumant Nigam
University of Maryland, College Park
Contact: Sumant Nigam


May 10
Prof. Alex Hall
A Strategy to Reduce the Persistent Spread in Projections of Future Climate

University of Calfornia at Los Angeles

May 17
The use of spectral zenith radiance measurements to better understand cloud-radiation processes
Dr. Warren Wiscombe


May 24
Overview of the EAST-AIRE experiment
Prof. Zhanqing Li

University of Maryland


September 6
From Physics to Fish: Nature's rules and biological loopholes
Prof. Ragu Murtugudde

Dep't. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Maryland

September 13
Modeling Marine Microbial Communities
Dr. Mick Follows

Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Contact: Ragu Murtugudde:

September 20
Observing System Experiments using NCEP Operational Data Assimilation Systems
Mr. James Jung

Contact: Eugenia Kalnay:

September 27
Africa's role in global water and carbon cycles: Diagnosing ecosystem processes and connections to climate
Dr. Christopher Williams

Contact: Ning Zeng:


October 4
Examples of Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation in Oceanography
Dr. Ibrahim Hoteit

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Contact:Eugenia Kalnay:

October 11
Tropical and Subtropical Salinity and Hydrologic System Variability During the Late Quaternary
Prof. Howard Spero

Department of Geology, U.C. Davis
Contact: Ning Zeng:

October 18
"Climate change in the Sahel"
Dr. Alessandra Giannini

IRI for Climate and Society/Columbia University
Contact: Ernesto Munoz:

October 25
Weather by the Numbers: The Development of NWP in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Prof. Kristine Harper

Humanities Department, New Mexico Tech
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:


November 1
Self-maintaining jets and subtropical drying in the greenhouse
Prof. Walter Robinson

NSF/University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 8
"Hadley circulation and monsoon dynamics."
Prof. Tapio Schneider

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 15
Regional radiative forcing vs regional climate response: Implications for science and for environmental policy
Dr. Hiram Levy

NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Contact: Russ Dickerson:

November 22
Thanksgiving, no lecture

November 29
From the Laboratory to the Storm Environment: Integrating Observations and Models of Rainfall Microphysics
Prof. Ana Barros

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Duke University
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:


December 6
"The Orbiting Carbon Observatory"
Prof. Ross Salawitch

University of Maryland