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All students in the department have the ability to create their own website. We encourage everyone to do so, not only because it provides a place for you to list your background and current work, but it also looks good for our department. We want prospective students to be able to easily see what is is that we do!

The following directions have been created to get you started with a simple web template. For those people who know a thing or two about HTML, feel free to create whatever website you want, you're not obligated to use these templates.

Basic Template

red template
blue template
  1. Log into halo-vm, this can be done two ways:
    1. log into a Mac computer in the computer lab (using your username and password, not as guest)
      • (I'm not a Mac user, so someone correct this if i'm wrong)
      • bring up a terminal window by going to Applications folder (on the bottom right of the launch bar in the lab)-> Utillities -> Terminal
      • type ssh -X halo-vm
      • the system will (annoyingly) ask for your password twice. (For future reference, to avoid having to type in your password twice, you can setup ssh keys)
    2. if accessing remotely, follow the Remote Access instructions to ssh into halo-vm
  2. Copy one of the two web templates:
    • There are two templates available, red, and blue.
    • Type the following command into the terminal:
    • You will be asked to enter 1 or 2 depending on which template you want to copy over
  3. go to
    You should now see your empty web template
  4. Edit your information by opening the ~/www/index.html file in the terminal that you previously opened
    • use your favorite text editor (nano, emacs, etc), or if you have no idea what you're doing here use gedit by typing the following
      gedit ~/www/index.html
    • Add your info where there are CAPITAL letters, and save your file
  5. Last thing would be to copy a picture labeled profilepic.jpg into your 'www' subdirectory
    • This can be done in the Mac interface by moving the photo you want into your Pictures folder and then in the terminal type
      mv ~/Pictures/profilepic.jpg ~/www/
    • Or if you know what you're doing, use an FTP client to upload a file directly to the www folder (note that you can only ftp to aosc-gw and not to halo-vm
  6. Contact [Tammy] and tell her the address to your new webpage so that it will show up on your profile here

Protecting Email Address

In order to deter spam bots from obtaining your email address, it is often best to hide your email until someone hovers over it with their mouse. If you're paranoid about spam, this can be accomplished by adding the following block of code to your webpage, after the <head> tag.

  <script language="JavaScript1.1" type="text/javascript">
   function decodeAddr(protectedAddr, domId, textAfterHover){
    var cleanAddr='';
    for(i=0; i < cleanAddr.length+1; i+=2){
      cleanAddr=cleanAddr.concat(thisPiece.charAt(1), thisPiece.charAt(0));
    if(textAfterHover == 'decode'){
      textAfterHover = cleanAddr;

and where your email address is, for example <a href="">my email</a>, replace that whole thing with:

   <span id="myemail" onMouseOver="decodeAddr('stulaka@mtsou.dme.ud', 'myemail', 'decode')">
     <a href>
       <em>[protected e-mail]</em>

where your email address is "encrypted" by swapping every pair of letters. (i.e. becomes stulaka@mtsou.dme.ud )

Who can help me?

The people listed on the following link have generously offered to help people who have trouble with HTML

Programming Help#HTML