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Forwarding Email to Gmail

For those of you who prefer the instant email notification and the buzz in your pants from your smartphone, you can use gmail to receive and send all of your email. Doing so will avoid the hassle of dealing with our mail servers being unreliable. While the mail will still be sent through our department's servers, they only have to be up and running for the microsecond it takes to pass it on to Google.

1. Sending mail from gmail
Gmail will allow you to send mail from your atmos email address. Go to settings->Accounts->Send mail as and choose add another email address you own. Enter your address, leave treat as an alias checked, and click next Step. You can leave it set to Send through Gmail and click Next Step. However, for some receiving mail clients (like outlook) people will see that you have sent your mail via Gmail, so if you are embarrassed of you gmail account name, set it to Send through SMTP servers with the following settings:
  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 25
  • username/password: your AOSC linux username/password
  • Secured connection using TLS
Gmail will send a verification email to your address, once you get that email and click on the verification link, you can now when writing an email in gmail, choose your atmos email as the address to appear when sending to someone.
2. Forwarding all mail to gmail
From a shell on our linux system, create the file ~/.forward and place your gmail address on the first line. If you would also like a copy to retained on the atmos email system (which I don't bother with, after all the point here is to abandon squirrelmail) place \your_aosc_username on the second line.
For example, my .forward file would look like:

After completing the above two steps, you can use Gmail for all your email needs.
Labels in Gmail
3. Applying an Atmos label in Gmail (optional)
I like to know which emails are being sent to my atmos email address and I do so using gmail's filters and labels. (otherwise, it is difficult to easily tell at first glance which emails are being sent to your normal gmail account and which are being sent to your atmos account).
  • Create a label: Go to Settings->Labels->Create new label, type in AOSC
  • Setup the filter: Go to Settings->Filters->Create a new filter
  • on the to line type in
  • apply the filter, and on the next screen select Apply Label: AOSC

Hiding email address in websites

On webpages, to deter spambots from getting your email address, follow the directions to hide email address with a mouseover