UMD METO Department LINUX Reference

Sandy Martinka September 8, 2003

System and Disk Info

df                     Shows system disk space available

du                    Shows disk space used by a directory recursively

ssh uid@metosrv4 /usr/sbin/quota uid

                        Shows your usage and quota

who                  Shows which users are logged on

whoami            Shows your user ID

Directory Management

Directory abbreviations:                 ~ home directory

                                                .. one directory up

                                                .  current directory

pwd                  Shows current path

ls                     Shows files and directories, options: -l   long display

                                     -a        all files

                                     -s        show size

cd                    Change directory

mkdir              Make a new directory

rmdir               Remove an empty directory

rm –rf              Recursively remove a directory tree

File Management

cp                    Copy a file

mv                   Move a file

rename            Change all or part of a filename

rm                    Remove a file

touch               Set time stamp on file

cat                   Display file contents

more                Same at cat but by pages

head                Display first 10 lines of file

tail                   Display last 10 lines of file

wc                    Display word count of file


yppasswd            Change you password

chmod             Change file permissions

                        codes: 1 - - x  2 - w -  3 - w x

                                    4 r - -  5 r - x  6 r w –

                                    7 r w x

Searching and Sorting

grep                 Search for string in text files

find                  Search for a file

sort                  Sort lines of text

Process Management

ps                    Display running processes

kill                   Terminate a process

killall               kill process by name

Printing, Networking and Mail

kprint              Print postscript file, interactive

lpr            Print postscript file, non-interactive

enscript            Print text file, non-interactive

lpstat               Show status of printer or job

ssh                   Secure shell remote login

slogin              Same as ssh

sftp                  Secure file transfer

ssh            automatically opens pine after login

Compression and Archiving

zip                    Compress using pkzip

unzip                Uncompress using pkunzip

gzip                  Compress using GNU zip

gunzip              Uncompress using GNU unzip

tar                   Tape Archive


vi                     text editor

latex                LaTex editor

gs                    postscript viewer

gimp                Image viewer

xpdf                 pdf viewer

g77                  FORTRAN 77 compiler

ifc                    Intel FORTRAN 90 compiler

idl                    Run IDL

matlab             Run MatLab

grads               Run GRADS

Getting More Help

info                  information on LINUX commands

man                 similar to info but may not be complete

Ask Other Students