AMS Meeting Notes-10232018

 AMS Meeting Notes (10/24/2018) 

General Announcements (Greta) 

• Orgsync (Can only miss two meetings) 

• Internship Spreadsheet/Meeting -beginning of next semester 

• Undergrad meeting with Fernando 

• Halloween Department on Oct.31 at 5:30 

• Let Greta know if you entered as an AMS student volunteer – AMS may cover rooming 

Vice President (Dee Dee) 

• Tutoring-Mondays 4-5:30 in ATL 3400 

• UMD Weather Week One- have it in by 4 

Academic Events (Alaina) 

• Nov. 6th o Daniel Richter – VP of Legislation and Research at the Citizens Climate Lobby  PhD. In Oceanography now does policy 

• Nov 27th o Meteorologist: Developer at Weather Prediction System (WPC)  PhD. In Atmospheric Science 

 Ensemble forecasts, Winter weather Experiment 

o Email/talk to Greta for test bank 

• Internships o Weather Bug 


o Hollings (due Jan 2019) 

o SOARS (due Feb 15, 2019) – Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors 

o NBC4 (February 15, 2019) – Juniors, Seniors 

o GIS 

o Pay attention to department emails 

• Finance/Bake Sale o Baking tomorrow in Commons 5 

o Volunteers to sell 2:30-4:30 

o Snow Pool  Cast guesses by 11/6 

 $5 to enter 

 ½ goes to winner, other half to AMS 

• Weather Discussion- Burton 

Meeting Minutes from Oct. 23
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