In case you missed it, here’s a summary:

1. Sign up to help to have fun and recruit at the First Look Fair on the 17th and 18th.  A Google Doc will be emailed out.

2. For this semester, the Outreach committee’s goal is to work with AOSC graduate students to get students into the community.  Build demos, design presentations, talk to students of all ages . . . there’s a lot to do and we welcome anyone’s help.    If you are interested in taking part in Outreach, tell Grace (look for future email for email address)!

3. More on Outreach: AMS is teaming with the Society of Physics Students to create the signage for an exhibit, Percussion Garden, at Port Discovery, a children museum in Baltimore.  The Garden focuses on sound (hence “Percussion”) and UMD students are in charge with explaining the science behind it.  AMS will tackle topics like rain, wind, ocean currents, monsoon, and thunder.  Again if interested, talk to Grace, (who will be sending out more details within the following day)!!

4. Upcoming Social Events:

  • Pizza Party! – Possibly next Tuesday at 4 pm (not official yet).  Come, eat, and get to know your fellow AOSC students and faculty!
  • West Virginia Tailgate – This Saturday, join our own academic adviser and professor, Tim Canty, to have some fun and eat some BBQ before the UMD vs. West Virginia Football Game.  Bring your Frisbee skills, food, and drink!
  • Penn State Tailgate – Although not until November 1st, AccuWeather is funding a joint Penn State and UMD AMS tailgate hosted at Penn State.  Details to come.

5.  New to AOSC this semester, a forecasting Lab and student Lounge.  The Forecasting Lab should be up and running next week and if you are an official AOSC major, you should already have swipe access to the lounge.   If you have trouble, talk to Tameka Jones in the AOSC main office.


Next meeting 9/23/2014!



First Fall meeting: Welcome to AMS!!