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AOSC Departmental Seminar
October 29, 2015

Using Single-Forcing Coupled Climate Model Experiments to Understand the Response to Orbital Forcing

Tony Broccoli
Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University

Substantial changes in climate during the Quaternary Period (i.e., the past 2.6 million years) have been reconstructed from a wide array of paleoclimate proxies. To understand the mechanisms that may be responsible for these changes, we employ a set of single-forcing simulations with a coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model and examine the responses to changes in Earth's orbital parameters (i.e., perihelion date and axial tilt), ice sheet extent, and greenhouse gas concentration.  Our analysis focuses specifically on the contribution of radiative feedbacks to orbitally driven climate change, the response of the Northern Hemisphere summer subtropical anticyclones to precession, the sensitivity of the tropical Pacific annual cycle to precession, and the utility of time-series reconstructions derived from single-forcing experiments.