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AOSC Seminar
November 29, 2018

NOAA’s Ecological Forecasting Roadmap: Insight Into Partnership Opportunities

Lonnie Gonsalves/ Cristine Alex
Ecological Forecasting Roadmap, NOAA

This presentation will provide an overview of NOAA’s ecological forecasting portfolio with special emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of these efforts. The NOAA Ecological Forecasting Roadmap (2015-2019) establishes a framework for cross-NOAA coordination to develop ecological forecasts that meet the needs of stakeholders across the US coast and Great Lakes. To date, NOAA’s efforts have focused on conducting applied research that transitions into operations or applications in 4 technical areas; Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), Hypoxia, Pathogens, and Habitat. Ecological forecasts are providing stakeholders with products and services used to protect public health, promote U.S. aquaculture, support long-term sustainability of fisheries, and inform land management decisions. Success in these areas relies upon an approach that readily integrates multiple fields of science and technology including ecology, remote sensing, applied math, computer science, ocean observations technology (e.g. gliders and other unmanned vehicles), and social science.  Ecological forecasts require robust coordination of efforts across all of NOAA and its family of partners, including academia. This presentation will highlight the value of NOAA's ecological forecasting efforts and NOAA's interdisciplinary approach with the goal of sparking further discussion of how academic partners can contribute to these efforts.