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AOSC Seminar
November 8, 2018

Dynamics of the Ocean and Atmosphere of Indonesia

Ivonne Radjawane
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

Indonesia, a country with more than 17,000 islands is located between equatorial Pacific and Indian Oceans and between Asia and Australia continents. Uniqueness of sea air phenomenon in Indonesia needs to further study. Characteristic of ocean atmosphere parameters of this country is influenced by the Asia and Australia monsoon systems. The region also associated with the oscillation of ENSO in Equatorial Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) in Equatorial Indian Ocean. Therefore the seasonal and interannual variability is strongly affected the region. Several studies have been conducted using physical ocean and atmosphere parameters to investigate the impact of seasonal and interannual variability evidences in the region. The implication of seasonal wind is on coastal upwelling occurrences that exist during the southeast monsoon and change in duration and intensity due to interannual variability.