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AOSC Seminar
October 12, 2017

Innovation to Create the Energy System of the Future

Ellen Williams
Physics, UMD

Everyone wants secure, reliable, and affordable energy, but issues of energy equity, environment, climate change and climate adaptation are transforming the context in which the future energy system is developing.  In in a world of increasing demand and increasing complexity, technical innovation is one key to accomplishing the changes that are needed in the world’s energy system.  

Fortunately, the U.S. infrastructure of research and development has created a wealth of tools and approaches that allow new progress in old energy problems.  The application of cutting edge research outcomes to practical problems along with the use of powerful computational methods, big data analytics, nanoscience and systems optimization are just a few of the new opportunities supporting innovations in energy technologies.  

In the presentation, innovation to mitigate address greenhouse gas emissions will be highlighted.  In particular the ability to control heat transfer optically, detect natural gas leaks and enhance carbon uptake into the soil all provide opportunities for climate mitigation while also providing other social benefits.  

Ellen D. Williams, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Former Director of ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy