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AOSC Seminar
February 23, 2017

Interactions between air pollution and climate change in the Asian monsoon system

Zhanqing Li
AOSC & ESSIC, University of Maryland

Aerosols can affect atmospheric processes in numerous ways by altering many components of the energy and water cycles such as the planetary boundary layer, atmospheric thermodynamics, cloud microphysics and morphology, atmospheric circulation, etc. While many mechanisms have been proposed under certain constrained conditions, it has been a daunting task to identify, understand and quantify the various effects. However, substantial and fast progress on all fronts has been made in the last decade or so. Increasing evidence has emerged showing the effects of aerosols on both the climate system and day-to-day weather that are so significant that they warrant consideration and accounting for in GCMs and NWPs. I will summarize some of our studies in these broad fronts, followed by more dedicated investigations concerning the impact of air pollution on climate changes in China.