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AOSC Special Seminar
April 18, 2016

Challenges in atmospheric modeling in coming 10 years: A subjective point of view

Song-You Hong
Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems (KIAPS)

In this talk, we provide a subjective view on the development of model dynamics and physics in coming 10 years. As computer architecture evolves to a multi-node hardware, many centers have given efforts on the development of grid-point dynamical cores, whereas some centers retain the fundaments in traditional spectral dynamical cores (e.g., ECMWF IFS). For the global NWP community, the horizontal resolution range in sub tens kilo-meters in coming 10 years, which is regarded to be a gray zone for parameterized precipitating convection, whereas in the regional NWP, turbulence parameterization falls into another gray zone with the grid spacing smaller that 1 km. We will present our efforts to resolve the above issues, together with the development strategy and recent progress of the KIAPS global NWP system,which is scheduled to be operational at KMA in 2020.