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Fellowship and Award Recipients
We are proud of the accomplishments of our current students and alumni. Many of our students are the recipients of prestigious fellowships & many of our alumni have gone on to have remarkable success in their careers.
Annually, we recognize a graduate with a Distinguished Alumni Award. We also have a Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series, allowing these scientists to come back and talk to the department about their lives and research.

Distinguished Alumni Award

  • 2015 Dr. David Dewitt, 1994 Ph.D.
  • 2014 Dr. Rachel Pinker, 1976 Ph.D
  • 2012 Dr. Kurt Mobley, 1977 Ph.D.
  • 2011 Dr. Oreste Reale, 1996 Ph.D.
  • 2010 Dr. Jae Schemm, 1981 Ph.D.
  • 2009 Dr. Paul Dirmeyer, 1992 Ph.D.
  • 2008 Dr. Benjamin Kirtman, 1993 Ph.D.
  • 2007 Dr. Ming Ji, 1989 Ph.D.
  • 2006 Dr. Diane Seidel, 1992 Ph.D.
  • 2005 Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah, 1985 Ph.D.
  • 2004 Dr. Mitch Goldberg, 2009 Ph.D.
  • 2003 Dr. Ken Pickering, 1987 Ph.D.
  • 2002 Dr. Phil Arkin, 1984 Ph.D.

Fellowship Recipients

Emmanuel Dibia2019NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Liang, Kleist
Agniv Sengupta2019Ann Wylie Dissertation FellowshipNigam
William Miller2019Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipZhang
Deirdre Dolan2019Henry Fleming ScholarshipMichael Folmer, Joseph Phillips, Joseph Sienkiewicz
Greta Easthom2019Rick Jordan Undergraduate ScholarshipSafa Motesharrei, Jeffrey Henrikson
Tyler Richman2019Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceRudlosky, Peterson
Matthew Nicholson2019Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceMeyers
Shaun Howe2019Ferd Baer Graduate Mentorship AwardZeng
Kriti Bhargava2019Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardKalnay, Carton
Steven Fons2019Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardCarton
Takuma Yoshida2019Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardKalnay, Penny
Tianning Su2019Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardTianning Su
Ryan Bolt2019GS Summer Research FellowshipLiang
Agniv Sengupta2019Ann Wylie Dissertation FellowshipNigam
Clairisse Reiher2019Hollings ScholarshipCanty, Kahn
Jack Cayhill2019Hollings ScholarshipCanty, Kahn
Maya Fields2019Hollings ScholarshipCanty
Austin Hope2019 Leah Thornton Lozano Graduate FellowshipSalawitch/Canty
Neal Graham2019Lozano EndowmentMiralles-Wilhelm
Adria Schwarber2018Ann Wylie Dissertation FellowshipS. Smith, Salawitch
Keenan Eure2018Henry Fleming ScholarshipKalnay
Deirdre Dolan2018Louis Allen Undergraduate ScholarshipLT Phillips
Cody Snell2018Rick Jordan Undergradaute ScholarshipManikin, Kleist
Monique Robinson2018Rick Jordan Undergradaute ScholarshipYaros
Kevin Dougherty2018Rick Jordan Undergradaute ScholarshipAbarca, Kleist
Cheng Da2018NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) Program Kalnay
Tyler Boyle2018Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceDebra E. Kollonige, Ryan M. Stauffer, Anne M. Thompson
Grant Tipton2018Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceRalph Kahn, Tim Canty
Cheng Da2018Green Fund Scholarship AwardKalnay
Cory Martin2018Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipZeng
Agniv Sengupta2018Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipNigam
Natalie Thomas2018Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardNigam
Cory Martin2018Green Fund Scholarship AwardZeng
Natalie Thomas2018Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardNigam
Adria Schwarber2018Green Fund Scholarship AwardSmith, Salawitch
Casey Joesph2018Ferd Baer Graduate Mentorship AwardLampkin
Joshua McCurry2018CMNS Deans FellowshipPoterjoy
Justin Hicks2018CMNS Deans FellowshipNigam
Hannah Daley2018CMNS Deans FellowshipDickerson
Siyu Shan2018CMNS Deans FellowshipZ. Li
Hannah Daley2018Lozano EndowmentDickerson
Youtong Zheng2017Ann Wylie Dissertation FellowshipZ. Li
Travis Sluka2017Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipKalnay
Yunyao Li2017Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardPickering
Austin Hope2017Green Fund Scholarship AwardSalawitch
Casey Cavanagh2017Green Fund Scholarship AwardLampkin
Tse-Chun Chen2017Ann Wylie Green Fund Scholarship AwardKalnay
Keenan Eure2017Louis Allen Undergraduate ScholarshipKalnay
Kelsey Malloy2017Rick Jordan Undergradaute ScholarshipBerndt, Folmer, Phillips, Sienkiewicz
Ryan Bolt2017Rick Jordan Undergradaute ScholarshipCanty, Kahn
Jonathan Seibert2017Henry Fleming ScholarshipKnapp
Charles CJ Vernon2017Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceCanty, Kahn
Stephanie Pennington2017Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceHartin
Agniv Sengupta2017Leah Thornton Lozano Graduate FellowshipNigam
Liam Leslie2017CMNS Deans FellowshipDickerson
Ryan Bolt2017CMNS Deans FellowshipLiang
Tyler Wawrzyniak2017CMNS Deans FellowshipZhang, Zou
Emmanuel Dibia2017CMNS Deans FellowshipKleist, Liang
Ellen Buckley2017CMNS Deans FellowshipFarrell
Eviatar Bach2017University of Maryland, Flagship FellowshipKalnay
Emmanuel Dibia2017NCAS FellowshipLiang, Kleist
Stehpanie Pennington2017Bernice and Susan Tannenbaum Prize in Climate ScienceCorinne Hartin
David New2017NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Liang
Emmanuel Dibia2017NCAS FellowshipLiang
Marissa Dattler2016Henry E. Fleming Undergraduate Scholarship AwardFarrell, Newman
Daniel Anderson2016Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipDickerson, Salawitch
Daniel Anderson2016CMNS Board of Visitors Outstanding Graduate Student AwardDickerson, Salawitch
Youtong Zheng2016Outstanding Graduate Assistant AwardZ. Li
Sarah Benish2016Outstanding Graduate Assistant AwardDickerson
William Miller2016Outstanding Graduate Assistant AwardZhang
Travis Sluka2016Ann Wylie Green Fund FellowshipKalnay
Gina Mazzuca2016Green Fund FellowshipDickerson, Pickering
Youtong Zheng2016Ann Wylie Green Fund FellowshipZ. Li
Travis Sluka2016Brin Professorship AwardKalnay
Lynn Montgomery2016Louis Allen Undergradaute ScholarshipN. Schmerr
Casey Joseph2016Rick Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship Lampkin
Lynn Montgomery2016Rick Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship N. Schmerr
David New2016Leah Thornton Lozano Graduate FellowshipLiang
Youtong Zheng2016Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students AbroadZ. Li
Dylan Jeffrey2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipKleist
Steven Fons2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipCarton, Kurtz
Shaun Howe2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipZeng
Kanishk Gohil2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipKleist
Casey Joseph2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipLampkin
Steven Fons2016CMNS Deans Merit AwardCarton Kurtz
Sijal Dangol2016CMNS Deans FellowhshipLiang
Adam Greeley2015Achievement Rewards for College ScientistsCarton, Kurtz
Fang Zhao2015Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipN. Zeng
Grace Duke2015Henry E. Fleming Undergraduate Scholarship AwardMike Evans
Abigail Alhert2015Rick Jordan Undergraduate ScholarshipMichael Winton
Colleen Wilson2015Rick Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship Michael Folmer
Allison Ring2015Outstanding Graduate Assistant AwardLampkin
Travis Sluka2015Outstanding Graduate Assistant AwardKalnay
Dan Goldberg2015Outstanding Gradaute Assistant AwardDickerson, Salawitch, Canty
William Miller2015Ann Wylie Green Fund FellowshipZhang
Michael Natoli2015Louis Allen Undergradaute ScholarshipBerbery
Abigail Ahlert2015Louis Allen Undergraduate ScholarshipWinton
Katherine Junghenn2015Deans FellowshipZ. Li
Ambrish Sharma2015Deans FellowshipSalawitch
Ambrish Sharma2015Merit AwardSalawitch
Lei Zhang2015Deans FellowshipZ. Li
Sarah Benish2015Deans FellowshipSalawitch
Casey Cavanagh2015CMNS Deans FellowshipZeng
Antonio Larios Huerta2015CMNS Deans FellowshipIde
Natalie Thomas2015National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)Nigam
David New2015Green Fund Scholarship AwardLiang
Katherine O'Brien2014Henry E. Fleming Undergraduate ScholarshipBerbery
Michael Natoli2014Rick Jordan Undergraduate ScholarshipBerbery
Kristy Weber2014Louis Allen Undergraduate ScholarshipZeng
Adam Greeley2014Green Fund FellowshipCarton, Markus
Katherine Lukens2014Green Fund FellowshipBerbery
Travis Sluka2014Brin Professorship AwardKalnay
Warren Porter2014Deans FellowshipJin
Agniv Sengupta2014CMNS Deans FellowshipNigam
Matthew Wespetal2014Deans FellowshipKalnay
Jeremy Kedziora2014Deans FellowshipKleist
Jeremy Kedziora2014Merit AwardKleist
Natalie Thomas2014Deans FellowshipNigam
Daniel Nielsen2014Deans FellowshipZhang
Daniel Anderson2014AGU Outstanding Student PaperDickerson
Argyro Kavvada2014Eugene Rasmusson FellowshipNigam
Stephen Baxter2013Eugene Rasmusson AwardNigam
Fang Zhao2013Green Fund FellowshipZeng
Cory Martin2013Deans FellowshipZeng
Tse-Chun Chen2013Deans FellowshipKalnay
Kriti Bhargava2013Deans FellowshipCarton, Kalnay
Cory Martin2013Merit AwardZeng
Adria Schwarber2013Deans FellowshipSalawitch, Smith
Walter Tribett2013Henry E. Fleming Undergraduate ScholarshipZeng
Neal Graham2013Deans FellowshipMoralles-Wilhelm
Amy Solomon2013Deans FellowshipLampkin
Stefan Cecelski2012Eugene Rasmusson AwardZhang
Baxter, Stephen2012Summer Research FellowshipNigam
Austin Hope2012Merit AwardSalawitch
Austin Hope2012Deans FellowshipSalawitch
Katherine Lukens2012Deans FellowshipBerbery
Sluka, Travis2012Deans FellowshipKalnay
David New2012Deans FellowshipLiang
William Miller2012Deans FellowshipZhang
Baxter, Stephen2012CMNS Dean's FellowshipNigam
Cecelski, Stefan 2011NASA Earth and Space Science FellowshipZhang
Anderson, Daniel2011Flagship FellowshipDickerson
Greeley, Adam2011University FellowshipNigam
Zhao, Fang2011Deans FellowshipKalnay
Ring, Allison2011Deans FellowshipPickering
Johnson, Benjamin2011Green Fund Scholarship AwardCarton
Shea, Dustin2011Deans FellowshipZhang
Deng, Yanting2011Deans FellowshipLi
Rebekah Esmaili2011Deans FellowshipTian/Zeng
Anderson, Daniel2011Flagship Fellowship Dickerson
Xiaolei Niu2010Anne Wylie Dissertation FellowshipPinker
Matus Martini2010Green FellowshipAllen/Pickering
Baxter, Stephen2010AMS Graduate FellowshipNigam
Zhang, Ying2010Deans FellowshipIde
Flynn, Clare2010Deans FellowshipPickering
Benjamin Johnson2010Deans FellowshipZeng
Foley, Jordan2010Deans FellowshipZhang
Baxter, Stephen2010Deans FellowshipNigam
Martini, Matus2010Global Climate Change AwardAllen/Pickering
Ganehshan, Manisha2009NASA Goddard Space Flight Center FellowshipMurtugudde
Sawyer, Virginia2009UMCP Block Grant FellowshipLi, Z.
Johnson, Benjamin2009UMCP Block Grant FellowshipCarton/Salawitch
Bollasina, Massimo2009Anne Wylie Disseration FellowshipNigam
Cummings, Kristin2009AMS Graduate FellowshipPickering
Bollasina, Massimo2009CMPS Green Fund AwardNigam
James Cipriani2008UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipPickering
Nussbaumer, Eric2008UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipPinker
James Reagan2008UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipNigam/Carton
Edward Nowottnick2007NASA Earth System Science FellowshipColarco/Li
Lei Zhou2007NASA Earth System Science FellowshipMurtugudde
Christopher Loughner2007NASA Earth and Space Science FellowshipAllen/Dickerson
David Kuhl2007NASA Graduate Student Researcher Program FellowshipSzunyogh
Bin Guan2007Anne Wylie Disseration FellowshipNigam
Steven Greybush2007AMS Graduate FellowshipKalnay
Brian Cook2007UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipZeng
Elena Yegorova2006EPA Star FellowshipDickerson
Alan Kohn2006UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipCarton
Ji-Sun Kang2006UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipKalnay
Lei Zhou2006UMCP Graduate School Block Grant FellowshipMurtugudde
Debra Baker2005NSF Graduate FellowshipKalnay
Hezekiah Carty2005NASA Goddard Space Flight Center FellowshipNigam/Smith
Scott Rabenhorst2005NASA Graduate Student Researcher Program FellowshipWhiteman/Zhang
Steven Chan2004NASA Earth System Science FellowshipNigam
Brian Vant-Hull2004NASA Graduate Student Researcher Program FellwoshipLi
David Kuhl2004NIA FellwoshipSzunyogh