The Wye Field Site

These pictures were taken on a rather wet, gloomy day--science isn't always pretty!

A view of the site looking roughly north.

A view of the site looking roughly south.

Same site, looking roughly east.

Same place, but looking roughly west.

A closer view of the Wye site. The main tower is about 20 feet tall--on it are mounted the inlets for our SO2, CO, and O3 monitors. On the other (smaller) tower are mounted the molybdenum NOy converter and the nitric oxide inlet, as well as the UV radiometer.

A look inside the instrument shelters at the Wye. Inside the shelter, to the left is a nitric oxide monitor, while the instruments to the right are (from top to bottom): a sulphur dioxide (SO2) monitor, a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor, and an ozone monitor. In the middle is the data acquisition and control system.

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