Krankowsky, D., F. Bartecki, G. G. Klees, K. Mauersberger, K. Schellenbach, J. Stehr, Measurement of Heavy Isotope Enrichment in Tropospheric Ozone, Geophysical Research Letters, 22 (13) pp. 1713-1716, 1995.

Tropospheric ozone samples collected during a twelve-month period in urban air show an enrichment of about 9% in the heavy isotope O3-50 consistend with predictions from laboratory measurements. The enhancement of about 7% observed in O3-49 is still within the uncertainty of the expected value. These measurements confirm that the isotope effect, repeatedly found in laboratory experiments is also produced in the atmosphere during the ozone formation process.

Notation comment: O3-49 refers to a molecule composed of two oxygen atoms of mass 16 and one of mass 17, for a total mass of 49.

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