Jeff's Place

Chez Jeff!

Vital statistics:  
(for the house, smarty)
Built in 1937 (back when they knew how to build stuff--the floor joists are 2"x12"!!)
Has the "original" 1938 toilet. (as my inspector put it, "if you can clog that, you've really done something") Just what they did for a year between when the house was built and when the toilet was put in is not entirely clear.  
3 bedrooms, 1 bath
1.5 car garage in back (half is really a shop) that is both heated and air conditioned (what's the deal with THAT?)
Full basement with another shop area (that has no power), washer, dryer, workout room
Deck on the back with an upper level
Fenced back area with tool shed (not in photo, but lot is 160 ft. deep)
Oil heat
Central air conditioning
The top floor is one big bedroom that opens up onto the upper level deck
2.5 mile commute to work.  
There is a bike path that goes around a lake, under the Metro, and under U.S. 1 so my mother needn't worry.

Curious fact about the House of Jeff:  Both my neighbors are named Mary Louise.  The one to the West goes by Louise, and the one to the East goes by Mary Lou.  Louise is the original 1947 owner!  Mary Lou is new to the neighborhood, having moved there in 1953...but she grew up in Berwyn Heights.

For a "panoramic" view of the street, click here.