Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
as Observed from Satellites

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Data Distribution

  • A  data set of  3-hourly monthly mean values of global scale PAR for the years 1987-88 has been prepared for the ISLSCP-I  CD-ROM at NASA/GSFC (Meeson et al., 1995; Sellers et al., 1995). These data are based on the ISCCP C1 observations, at 2.5 degree resolution.  To meet the needs of ISLSCP -I  initiative, the data were gridded to one degree.  Due to missing observations, software was developed for gap filling so all investigators can use a uniform data base. The filled data are flagged and can be replaced.

  • Five years (1983-88) of satellite based estimates of monthly mean PAR and the conversion factor (CF) from the  ISCCP C1 are archived on a CD ROM and  are available from the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Center, National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, Colorado, entitled: "Global Ecosystems Database: Disk B".  Details can be found at:

  •  For information on data that are at this Web site go to Data Access.

  • Eleven years of (1983-1994) of satellite based estimates of monthly mean PAR from the ISCCP D1 data were produced and are available from:

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