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Description of Data

Table of Contents:

File types

Monthly average: The monthly average flux is the average of daily fluxes for a month.
It is the arithmetic mean of daily averages for the non-missing days (not less than 20 days per month). [Top]


File format

All files are written in NetCDF format [Top]

Unit of measurement:

Fluxes are given in Wm-2.[Top]


pp : parameter (two characters), their values are:

SW: shortwave flux,

LW: longwave flux,

yyyy : year (four digits),
mm : month (two digits).

the first yyyymm is the starting time, the second is the end.


File size

File type Uncompressed size (bytes)
monthly: 14M


Sample figures

Sample figure of shortwave Flux

Sample figure of longwave Flux


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