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Fall 2008
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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium (Rm. 2400) on the second floor of the New Wing of the Computer and Space Science Building.

Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the adjoining Atrium at 3:00 p.m.


September 4
The economics of climate change
Prof. Tom Schelling

Dep't. of Economics
University of Maryland

September 11
New Developments in Ensemble Kalman Filters
Prof. Eugenia Kalnay
AOSC, U. Maryland
Presentation (PDF)

September 18
Impact of Climate Change on Global Viticulture
Prof. Anthony Busalacchi

ESSIC, U. Maryland

September 25
Fears, Fantasies, and the Possibility of Climate Control: A useable history of climate engineering
Prof. James Fleming

Colby College
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:


October 2
Natural and forced modulation of ENSO in the GFDL CM2.1 coupled GCM
Dr. Andrew Wittenberg

NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab
Contact:Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

October 3, Friday, Noon
Special seminar, jointly held with the Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series in room CSS 3425
Status of Ensemble Forecasting at ECMWF: 32-day seamless probabilistic prediction
Dr. Roberto Buizza

Talks slides: PDF

October 9
Improving our understanding of Atlantic hurricanes through knowledge of the Saharan Air Layer: Hope or Hype?"
Dr. Scott Braun

Contact: Dalin Zhang:

October 16
Forced and Internal 20th Century SST Trends in North Atlantic: Attributions and Climate Impacts
Dr. Mingfang Ting

LDEO/Columbia University
Contact: Renu Joseph:

October 23
The Incredible Shrinking Iguana: Galapagos, Gaia, and Hominid Evolution'
Prof. Ragu Murtugudde

ESSIC/AOSC, University of Maryland

October 30
The Role of Moisture in the MJO
Prof. David Randall

Colorado State University
Contact: Sumant Nigam:


November 6
Recent and Projected Future Behavior of Arctic Clouds
Dr. Steve Vavrus

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 13
Impacts of Global Change on Regional Air Quality
Prof. Tracey Holloway

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

Atmospheric self-cleansing capacity: clean air for all?
Dr. Jos Lelieveld

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Contact: Russ Dickerson:

November 20
Hurricanes in the Climate System
Prof. Kerry Emanuel

Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 27
Thanksgiving, no lecture


December 4
Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling and Tropospheric Predictability
Dr. Ed Gerber

Columbia University
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

December 11
(Almost) nine years of MODIS: What we are learning about global aerosol
Dr. Robert Levy

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff: