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Fall 2006
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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are on Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium (Rm. 2400) on the second floor of the New Wing of the Computer and Space Science Building.

Coffee, tea and cookies are served in the adjoining Atrium at 3:00 p.m.


August 31 "Climatic Consequences of Regional Nuclear Conflicts"
Prof. Alan Robock

Rutgers University
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:


September 7
"The Tropical Pacific Meridional Mode and ENSO-like Decadal Variability"
Prof. Dan Vimont

Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Contact: Sumant Nigam:

September 21
"Multimodel Ensemble Prediction System in Spain"
Dr. Jose Garcia-Moya

National Institute of Meteorology, Spain
Contact: Eugenia Kalnay:
Relevant Paper

September 25
"Understanding the Land-Cloud-Atmosphere Interaction"
Dr. Alan Betts

Atmospheric Research
Relevant Paper 1
Relevant Paper 2
Contact: Eugenia Kalnay:

September 28
No Seminar


October 5
"Recent Changes in Arctic-Atlantic Climate"
Dr. Helge Drange

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Norway
Contact: Emily Becker:

October 12
"Indian Ocean Climate Variability of Relevance to Biogeochemistry"
Prof. Ragu Murtugudde
University of Maryland, College Park

October 19
"The mesoscale dynamics associated with fire-atmosphere interactions"
Dr. Jay Charney

USDA Forest Service
Contact: Daniel Kirk-Davidoff:

October 26
"Diagnosing Climate Model Fidelity"
Prof. Daniel Kirk-Davidoff

University of Maryland


November 2
"NCEP Update: Review of Progress in Operational Weather, Climate and Ocean Forecasts"
Dr. Louis Uccellini

Slides from the Talk
Movie 1
Movie 2
Contact: Eugenia Kalnay:

November 9
"How do "greenhouse" Climates Work?"
Prof. Matthew Huber

Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University
Relevant Paper
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 16
Human impacts on atmospheric deposition of iron
Dr. Natalie Mahowald

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

November 23
Thanksgiving, no lecture

November 30
Stratosphere-troposphere Interactions Forced by Variations in Snow Extent
Prof. Paul Kushner

University of Toronto
Contact: Sumant Nigam:


December 7
Sensitivity study of T2m and precipitation forecasts to soil moisture initial condition using NCEP WRF ensemble system
Dr. Jun Du

PowerPoint Slides of Talk
Contact: Dan Kirk-Davidoff:

December 14