RAMMPP 2004 Airport/Spiral Locations:

(See the AirNav Airports page for additional airport details)

Spiral Airport Town Latitude Longitude Elevation*
0W3 Harford Co. Churchville, MD 39.5668ºN 76.2022ºW 400
CBE Cumberland Regl Cumberland, MD 39.6155ºN 78.7608ºW 776
ESN Easton Newnam Easton, MD 38.8042ºN 76.0690ºW 74
Frederick Mun. Frederick, MD 39.4176ºN 77.3743ºW 304
FME Tipton AFB Fort Meade, MD 39.0846ºN 76.7599ºW 145
W45 Luray Caverns Luray, VA 38.6671ºN 78.5006ºW 902

* ft MSL

Maryland Department of the Environment
University of Maryland