Regional Atmospheric Measurement Modeling and Prediction Program (RAMMPP)

Summer 2001 Aircraft Research Update for: July 5

Our summer research takes a slight shift in focus for July, now investigating in detail the influence of emissions, transport, meteorology and photochemistry on near-surface observed ozone and fine particle haze. This work will be tightly coordinated with several regional programs, including EPA-sponsored NARSTO Northeast Oxidant and Particle Study (NE-OPS) and 2001 Eastern Supersite intensive (ESP01) as well as the DOE-sponsored Upper Ohio River Valley Project (UORVP).

Things kick off with an airborne intercomparison experiment planned for tomorrow, Friday July 6 near Pittsburgh, PA. Three aircraft involved in regional ozone/haze research will meet at Allegheny Co. Airport (AGC) during the morning to plan some intercomparison flights, then part ways to initiate our separate - but coordinated - July research flights under the ESP01 umbrella.
Our current flight plan for Friday July 6 is as follows (times are EDT and estimates):
0730 Take off from College Park, MD (CGS)
0745 Survey spiral from sfc-6.5 Kft MSL over Fort Meade, MD (FME)
0810 Traverse direct to Jefferson Co. Airport (2G2) in Stubenville, OH, ascending on course to 9.5 Kft
0925 Survey spiral from 9.5-sfc Kft over 2G2
1000 Land at AGC
Based upon discussions between principals from all three aircraft, and intercomparison flight plan will be developed and executed in the early afternoon, after which turn to AGC for fuel.
After a quick fuel turnaround we will take off from AGC and perform survey spirals from the sfc-7.5 Kft over the following airports on the ferry back to MD (times not shown due to uncertainty in duration of intercomparison flights):
West Penn (9G1) ~15 miles NNE of Pittsburgh, PA;
Rostraver (P53) ~20 miles SE of Pittsburgh, PA; and
Fort Meade, MD (FME) before landing at CGS.

On Sunday July 8 we will perform our first research flight associated with the 2001 NARSTO NE-OPS study, based in Philadelphia, PA. The current flight plan is as follows (times are EDT and estimates):
AM Plan - "Upwind" of Philadelphia, PA
0800 Take off from CGS
0900-0930 Survey spiral sfc-9.5 Kft MSL over Summit, DE (EVY) ~40 miles SW of Philadelphia, PA
0930-1000 Traverse direct to Pennridge, PA (N70) ~30 miles NNW of Philadelphia, PA descending on course
1000-1030 Survey spiral sfc-9.5 Kft over N70
1030-1045 Traverse at 9.5 Kft direct to Philadelphia Northeast Airport (PNE) ~10 miles NE of Philadelphia, PA
1000-1030 Survey spiral 9.5-sfc Kft over PNE
1030-1050 Perform an intercomparison flyby at ~1.0 Kft of the Millersville University tethered balloon at the NE-OPS surface site then land
PM Plan - "Downwind" of Philadelphia, PA
1330 Take off from PNE
1345-1400 Perform an intercomparison flyby at ~1.0 Kft of the Millersville University tethered balloon
1400-1420 Traverse at ~1.5 Kft to Trenton-Robbinsville, NJ (N87) ~35 miles NE of Philadelphia, PA
1420-1445 Survey spiral sfc-7.5 Kft Kft MSL over N87
1445-1510 Traverse at 7.5 Kft to Camden Co., NJ (19N) ~20 mi SE of Philadelphia, PA avoiding the Maguire AFB resetricted area
1510-1535 Survey spiral 7.5-sfc Kft over 19N
1535-1700 Traverse at ~1.5 direct to CGS descending on course for landing

Preliminary results from both flight days will be posted at this site early next week.