Personal Info
Pat Kablick
Sullivan's Island, SC
The infamous, if not fickle Bert's.
4033 ESSIC
CofC: BS, Physics; FSU: MS, Meteorology
Professor Zhanqing Li
Research Interests

I'm interested in how the earth system responds to changes within its energy budgets. Cloud physics, radiative transfer, aerosol processes, meteorology and climate dynamics are intimately linked subdisciplines within my research. My Ph.D. work focuses on the interaction between aerosols, clouds, water vapor and climate. More specifically, I use satellite data to assess the effect aerosols have on UTLS water vapor climate forcing through changes to cloud microphysics.

My interests also include straight-up radiative transfer (no pun intended), 3D radiative transfer modeling, remote sensing and the impact of physical approximations on the ability to represent processes in simulation studies.

Publications and References

Click here to see a list of my publications.

Information regarding my work in the third phase of ICRCCM can be found in many places. In addition to the references above, there is a short highlight on the ARM website, and for those who like to be more interactive, there is also a cool website maintained by my coauthors that allows users to interact with the data and solutions.

Mainly for my own convenience, I'm compiling a library of useful references that I have read/cited in my own work. There are BibTeX citation entries for each and links to a source for many of them. This is a work in progress, so it's being updated fairly regularly.

Other Stuff

I enjoy pretty much anything that gets me outdoors, especially activities that involve salt water. I'm also intimately familiar with all things e30. I play some music in my spare time too. Want to surf? Rebuild a car? Start a band?

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science | 3424 CSS Building | University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742