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SODA: A Reanalysis of Ocean Climate

SODA1.2 Description

Parallel Ocean Program POP2.01 with a 0.25x0.4 degree displaced pole grid

Sequential deterministic estimation and a 10-dy update cycle

Hydrography: World Ocean Database 2001
SST: COADS surface marine observation set (Diaz et al., 2002); nighttime avhrr SST obtained from Reynolds and Smith (1994)
SSH: Geosat, ERS-1, T/P and JASON satellites

ERA40 daily-averaged winds. Beginning in 1979 precipitation is the Global Precipitation Climatology Project3 monthly merged product combined with evaporation obtained from bulk formula and the UNESCO river discharge transports (V?r?smarty, et al. 1998). Otherwise SSS is relaxed to climatology.

Carton and Giese (2008)