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SODA: A Reanalysis of Ocean Climate


Jim Carton

Personal and Institutional Acknowledgements

Gennady Chepuin

SODA is a multi-institutional collaborative project. The core development group, listed at left, are at University of Maryland. However, SODA relies extensively on community data sets and software. We are particularly beholden to the following institutions and people: GFDL for model support, ECMWF for surface forcing, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/NOAA and Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA for collaboration of data assimilation development, the World Ocean Data Center/NOAA (Tim Boyer) for providing much of our hydrography, and the Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry/NOAA for advice on all things related to sea level. An effort related to this run by Ben Giese of TAMU is ongoing in collaboration with Gill Compo of NOAA ESRL.

Ligang Chen
Semyon Grodsky
Steve Penny