AOSC 818:
Frontiers in Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, and Synoptic Meteorology Research
Fall 2011 Term Presentation
1 Presentation Slides
  a) Please prepare and practice for 8mn talk.
  b) Your presentation file must be well-organized for 8min talk & able to stand alone as the term report.
2 Presentation Session
  a) You must be present in the entire duration of your own session.
  b) you are most welcome to attend other sessions.
1 Topic
  a) Topic of your presentation must be related to at least one seminar in AOSC818 fall '11; otherwise open
  b) Topic can be broad so that you can choose the exact title & adjust your presentation.
2 Presentation Length
  a) 8min talk.
  b) 2min Q&A: Everyone is encouraged to ask questions.
3 Content: in addition to the core of the presentation, presentations should include
  a) Title page (Title & Name).
  b) Motivation/background.
  c) Concludsion/summary.
Group Sessions on Thursday, December 8, 2011
[I] 10:30-11:40
  i) Allison Ring Effects of Aerosols in the Atmosphere
  ii) Bojan Kasic Impact of Aerosol on Clouds and Precipitation
  iii) Eric Hohman Tornadogenenisis, Associated Statistics and Unknowns
  iv) Ibraheem Khan Construction of Surface Boundary Conditions (SBCs) as initialization for Climate-Weather Research and Forecasting (CWRF) Model
  v) Jeehye Han Recent Work About Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation Using Variable Localization
  vi) Ni Dai Wind Energy Forecasting: Problems and Future Approaches
  vii) Ying Zhang Estimation of Carbon Fluxes with Data Assimilation
[II] 12:30-13:30
  i) Christina Liaskos Oceanic Phytoplankton, Atmospheric Sulfur, Cloud Albedo and Climate
  ii) Clare Flynn What Is Known about the Aerosol Indirect Effect?
  iii) Fang Zhao Data Assimilation Methods for Carbon Monoxide in the Atmosphere
  iv) Jordan Foley Tornadoes and Dust Devils: A Comparison of Formation, Structure, and Dynamics
  v) Linda Hembeck Regional Climate-Weather Research and Forecasting (CWRF) Model Development and Application
  vi) Marty Burdette Black Carbon Altering Arctic Climate Forcing
[I] 15:30-16:40
  i) Adam Greeley Impacts on Atmospheric Stability and the Hydrological Cycle
  ii) Ben Johnston A Review of “America’s & Maryland’s Climate Choices”
  iii) Dan Anderson Biogenic Aerosols and Precipitation
  iv) Dustin Shea Climate Prediction and Agriculture
  v) Eric Hughes Effects of Volcanic SO2 on Climate Trends at the Tropical Tropopause
  vi) Rebekah Esmaili Maryland’s Climate Choice
  vii) Will Chong Dr. Wakimoto’s Seminar & Tornado Chasing
Kayo Ide at UMD AOSC 818 Fall 2011