AOSC 818: Frontiers in Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, and Synoptic Meteorology Research
Spring 2011
Course Description:
Exposure to a wide range of contemporary topics in atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences throught the weekly seminar course on atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences and the Meet-the-Speaker sessions for
  development of research interests
  promption of critical thiking
  fostering of effective interaction and collaboration with leading scientists and fellow students.
Formerly AOSC811.
Preferred, but not strictly required, prerequisite: Atmospheric, oceanic, and/or climate sciences background.
Grading and Policy:
Students are responsible for checking the UMD Honor code.
1 credit based on
  Weekly activities (seminar, Meet-the-Speaker sessions, and report)
  Special assignments, if any
  Term presentation & final report
Seminar Schedule
Seminar Information
Speaker, title, and abstracts are available from AOSC Seminar Series
Time and Location
Th 3:00-3:30pm [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Pre-seminar refreshment
Th 3:30-4:30pm [CSS 2400 (Auditorium)] Seminar
Th 4:45-5:15pm [CSS 3425 (Conf room)] Meet the Speaker
Course Activities:
Course meetings:
Th 3:20pm, February 3, 2011 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Organizational meeting
Th 3:00pm, February 17, 2011 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Spontaneous meeting
Th 3:20pm, March 17, 2011 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Mid-term meeting
Weekly seminars:
Preparation by reading
  abstract whenever available;
  speaker information (usually distributed by the Student Seminar Committee)
Attendance and participation (seminar & Meet-the-Speaker session)
Report due by 5pm, Fr. of the week, containing
  Self-report on attendance (seminar & Meet-the-Speaker session);
  Concise discussion of the seminar and the meeting (min: 1 paragraph; max: 2pages)
Whenever possible, the presentation will be posted after the seminar.
Special assignment:
For some seminars, speaker may request an assignment.
Term Presentation:
  W. 11:00am, May 11, 2011 [CSS 3425] - Group 1.
  M. 10:00am, May 16, 2011 [CSS 3425] - Group 2.
Presentation style:
  Topic must be related to AOSC 818, otherwise open.
  Proposed topic should be consulted.
  Each presentation is 10min.
  Suggested time split: 8min talk + 2min Q & A.
  Questions to the speaker is highly encouraged; two people will be pre-assigned for questions on each talk.
  Presentation should contain at least
  Title slide;
  Motivation/introduction/background slide - why you chose the topic;
  Summary/conclusion slide;
  Citations, whenever possible & appropriate.
  By 10min prior to your own session, presentation file must be sent via email or hand-delivered on a USB stick.
Final Report
Due: Tu 5:00pm, May 17, 2011
  An essay on what you have learned in AOSC 818 Spring 2011;
  Term presentation file, if update has been made.
Kayo Ide at UMD AOSC 818 Spring 2011