AOSC 818: Frontiers in Atmosphere, Ocean, Climate, and Synoptic Meteorology Research
Fall 2010
Course Description:
Weekly seminar course on atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences to broaden scientific horizon. Interaction with leading scientists and researchers in the field.
Formerly AOSC811.
Preferred, but not strictly required, prerequisite: Atmospheric, oceanic, and/or climate sciences background.
Grading and Policy:
Students are responsible for checking the UMD Honor code.
1 credit based on
  Weekly activities (seminar, Meet-the-Speaker sessions, and report)
  Special assignments, if any
  Term presentation & final report
Seminar Schedule
Seminar Information
Speaker, title, and abstracts are available from AOSC Seminar Series
Time and Location
Th 3:00-3:30pm [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Pre-seminar refreshment
Th 3:30-4:30pm [CSS 2400 (Auditorium)] Seminar
Th 4:45-5:15pm [CSS 3425 (Conf room)] Meet the Speaker
Course Activities:
Course meetings:
Th 3:10pm, September 2, 2010 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Organizational meeting
Th 3:20pm, September 9, 2010 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Follow-up organizational meeting
Th 3:20pm, November 11, 2010 [CSS 2400 (Atrium)] Mid-term meeting
Weekly seminars:
Preparation by reading
  abstract whenever available;
  speaker information (usually distributed by the Student Seminar Committee)
Attendance and participation (seminar & Meet-the-Speaker session)
Report due by 5pm, Fr. of the week, containing
  Self-report on attendance (seminar & Meet-the-Speaker session);
  Concise discussion of the seminar and the meeting (min: 1 paragraph; max: 2pages)
Whenever possible, the presentation will be posted after the seminar.
Special assignment:
For the seminar by Prof. Ross Salawitch on September 23, 2010.
abstract | assignment ]
Term Presentation: [ description in pdf ]
Logistics: Two sessions (attendance is required at least one full sessions)
  Th. 10:00am, December 2, 2010 [CSS 4301] - Group 1.
  Th. 10:00am, December 9, 2010 [CSS 4301] - Group 2.
Presentation style:
  Topic must be related to AOSC 818, otherwise open.
   5:00pm, November 19, 2010, Friday: Proposed topic due.
  Each presentation is 10min.
   Suggested time split: 8min talk + 2min Q & A.
   Questions to the speaker is highly encouraged; two people will be pre-assigned for questions on each talk.
  Presentation should contain at least
   Title slide;
   Motivation/introduction/background slide - why you chose the topic;
   Summary/conclusion slide;
   Citations, whenever possible & appropriate.
  By 10min prior to own session, presentation file must be sent via email or hand-delivered on a USB stick.
Final Report
By Mon December 13, 2010:
  Am essay on what you have learned in AOSC 818 Fall 2010;
  Term presentation file, if update has been made.
Kayo Ide at UMD AOSC 818 Fall 2010