AOSC 432: Dynamics of Atmosphere and Ocean
Spring 2014
Course Description:
Fundamental characteritsics and governing processe of atmosphere, ocean, and coupled-system, based on the physical princuples: equations of motion and their approximation, scale analysis, balanced and unbalnced components, conservation properties, horizontal and veritical structures, interaction among elements, prominent variability.
Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics: An Introductory Text by John Marshall and R. Alan Plumb
Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics. A First Course by Jonathan E. Martin.
[AOSC431 Textbook] Atmospheric Science, Second Edition: An Introductory Survey (International Geophysics) by John M. Wallace and Peter V. Hobbs.
Introduction to Physical Oceanogrpahy [pdf] by Bob Stewart.
[Advanced] Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics : Fundamentals and Large-Scale Circulation by Geoffrey. K Vallis.
Prerequisite/Corequisite and Credits:
Prerequisite: AOSC431. Corequisite: MATH246.
3 semester hours. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: AOSC432, METO432, or AOSC632.
Schedule [Tentative]:
9:30am-10:45am TuTh [CSS 2416] Class
9:30am-10:45am W [CSS 3403] Office hour
Midterm Exam
13 March 2014   [CSS 2416] In class & open book
Final Exam
16 May 2014 F [CSS 2416] In class & open book: accoridng to the UMD final exam schedule
Grading & Policy :
Grading based on: Homework 40%+ Mid-Term 25%+ Final 35%; additional points given to active in class participation.
  No late homework will be accepted without prior arrangement.
Late homework may be accepted with reduced points up to 2 times at reduced points [Same day by 5pm - 70% ; Next day by 5pm - 30%]
  Use of external references should be cited.
  Students may study together and discuss problems and methods of solution with each other to improve understanding in a general way.
Students are responsible for checking the UMD Honor code
Course Outline:
1. Introduction
2. Background: Earth System
3. Review: Mathematical Concepts and Techniques
4. Fluid Dynamics
5. System of Geophysical Fluids
6. Balance Relation
7. Diagnostics
8. Quasi-Geosptrophic System
9. General Circulation of Atmosphere
10. General Circulation of Ocean
11. Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics
Kayo Ide at UMD AOSC 432 Spring 2014