Grad. Student

 Grad. student Committe
Student Committee President Melanie Follette Melanie's homepage email
Computer Resources Coordination Brian Vant-Hull Brian's homepage email
Will collect inquiries from the student body regarding software, hardware, and training. These suggestions will be presented to the computer committee. Organizes short courses on software usage and computer programming. Also administers the Web Page.
Desk Assignment Coordinator Sandra A Martinka Sandra's homepage email
This coordinator will work closely with the graduate secretary and building staff to communicate to them problems with office spaces (painting, name plates, furniture). They will also maintain a log of suggestions concerning the computer facilities to be submitted to the computer administration committee.
Student Seminar Coordinator Steven Chan Steven's homepage email
This coordinator will be in charge of maintaining the procedures and scheduling for the student seminar. In addition, this person will invite and schedule speakers to give presentations at our department. All students will receive timely reminders from this coordinator about these events via the student web page.
Group Visitation Program Coordinator Ernesto Munoz 
Ernesto's homepage email
Organizes or oversees the planning of group visits to nearby research centers or agencies. A description of the current program may be found at Visitation Homepage
Treasurer/Resources Administrator Zahra Chaudhry Zahra's homepage email
Manages the funding for various events in coordination with such resources as the University Graduate Student Government, Student Activities Council, and the Meteorology Department.
Graduate Student Government Liason Wallace Hogsett Wallace's homepage email
maintains communication between the University Grad Student Government and our own departmental organization.