Meteorology Graduate Student Check List - PhD

METO 610 Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean I

METO 620 Chemistry & Physics of the Atmosphere and Ocean

METO 680 Introduction to Earth System Science

METO 611 Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean II (OR METO 600 Synoptic)

METO 621 Radiation

METO 617 Global Climate

Get Approval from Adviser to Take Comps

Sign up with Graduate Program Manager (Tammy Barksdale) to take Comps

Pass Written Comprehensive Exams

Pass Oral Comprehensive Exam

(3 credit elective)_______________________________________

(3 credit elective)_______________________________________

(3 credit elective)_______________________________________

(3 credit elective or 3 research credits(METO 798)_____________

Get Prospectus Approved by Adviser

Pass Prospectus Defense (Specialty Exam)

File Advancement to Candidacy Form

            If you are a GRA give a copy of your candidacy letter to Carol to get your raise

Do Dissertation Research (METO 899) (must have 12 research credits)

In the semester you intend to graduate:

Check Testudo or the Graduate School web site for exact deadlines.

In the 1st few weeks:

File these if there is a possibility of graduating, if necessary these will roll over to the following semester. 

File Application for Graduation, available on Testudo.  

File Nomination of Dissertation Committee† (at least 6 weeks prior to thesis defense)

Near the end of the semester:

Get Dissertation Approved by Adviser

Announce Dissertation Defense (at least 14 days before scheduled time)

Pass Thesis Defense

Enjoy Post-Defense Party!

File Survey of Earned Doctorate

File UMI/UMCP agreement

Submit Dissertation to Graduate School online ($32 fee, certified check or money      order only)

 Submit Bound copy of Dissertation to METO Department (~$45 for © and $40/copy)

Forms and the dissertation manual and style guide can be obtained in the METO Library, from Tammy Barksdale or at the Graduate School web site:

*If you wish to get your MS along the way, you must submit the forms listed in the MS checklist.  Your prospectus can serve as your scholarly paper.

GRA students remember to submit your tuition remission forms each semester!