Congratulations, Manisha!

Congratulations to Manisha Ganeshan on successfully defending her PhD dissertation! She has conducted this research under the advisement of Dr. Raghu Murtugudde, producing a wonderfully detailed manuscript titled, “The role of negative buoyancy and urbanization in warm season precipitation processes over the US.” Manisha may be ending an adventure here at AOSC, but she is not leaving us entirely. She will continue on as a post-doc at NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Technology and Research (GESTAR). After some government logistics are checked off the list, she will begin a project involving clouds and boundary layer processes, and the comparisons between model output and re-analyses and remote sensing observations.

But before she begins at NASA, Manisha plans on tying up any loose ends regarding her PhD research, including authoring a journal article based on the third chapter of her dissertation. On the more light-hearted side of things, Manisha looks forward to taking up yoga and zumba classes, exploring DC’s contemporary restaurants and social venues, and of course catching up with her family and friends!

Soon, a new chapter in Manisha’s life will begin. And we wish her the best of luck on her new journey!