Project ITF PROXY: from Satellite Altimeters and Gravimeters
Principal Investigator R. Dwi Susanto (University of Maryland) and Y. Tony Song (Jets Propulsion Laboratory, NASA)
Grant National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA
Objectives To derive proxy of Indonesian throughflow using data from satellite altimeters and gravimeters

Figure (a) The total volume Indonesian throughflow transport can be estimated from sea level pressure gradient in the off-equatorial Pacific Ocean (centered at 162 E and 11 N) and equatorial Indian Ocean (80 E in the equator); (b). ITF proxy time series derived from sea level and ocean bottom pressure. [Susanto and Song, 2015].


    The data is in an ascii format (N x 4 columns), where the columns 1 to 3 are dates (mm dd yyyy) and column 4 is a proxy ITF transport in Sv (1 Sv = 1 million meter cubic per second. Negative transport value denotes ITF transport toward the south or Indian Ocean)

  • ITF Proxy based on SSH data
  • ITF Proxy based SSH & OBP data