INSTANT: end of 2003 - early 2007

Project INSTANT: International Nusantara Stratification and Transport
Principal Investigator Arnold L. Gordon, R. Dwi Susanto, Amy Ffield (LDEO of Columbia University) and Janet Sprintall (Scripps)
Grant National Science Foundation (NSF), USA
Collaborators Indonesia: Indroyono Soesilo and Sugiarta Wirasantosa, Balitbang-KP,
Irsan Brodjonegoro (ITB) and Indra Jaya (IPB)

Australia: Susan Wijffels (CSIRO)

France: Robert Molcard (IPSL)

The Netherlands: Hendrik van Aken (NIOZ)

Objectives To determine the full depth velocity and property structure of the throughflow and it’s associated heat and freshwater flux.

To resolve the annual, seasonal and intraseasonal characteristics of the ITF transport and property flux.

To investigate the storage and modification of the ITF waters within the internal Indonesian seas.

To contribute to the design of a cost-effective, long term monitoring strategy for the ITF.

Figure 1. Indonesian throughflow pathways from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans. INSTANT mooring locations (magenta lines) in the Makassar Strait (2 moorings), Lifamatola passage (1 mooring), Ombai Strait (2 moorings) and Lombok Strait (2 moorings) and Timor passage (4 moorings).