Current Graduate Students

·  James Reagan : Haline processes

·  Ben Johnson: Ocean eddy transports

·  Yanni Ding: Oceans and climate

·  Tim Boyer: haline processes

·  Adam Greeley: Arctic processes (co-Advised by Matt Neuman)


Former Graduate Students

·  Linette Boisvert (2013 co-advised Throsten Marcus): Moisture flux estimates derived from EOS Aqua data in the Arctic, postdoc at UMCP and NOAA

·  Steve Penny (AMSC, 2011 co-advised by Kalnay): Data Assimilation of the Global Ocean Using the 4D LETKF and MOM2, postdoc at UMCP and NOAA

·  Martina Ricko (2012 PhD co-advised by Charon Birkett): Modeling and Forecasting Tropical Lake Levels. Intercomparison and Validation of Continental Water Level Products Derived from Satellite Radar Altimetry

·  Tony Santorelli (2011, co-advised with Pinker): Towards Understanding Key Processes Affecting Heat and Salinity Balance in the Global Ocean.  Tony teaches at Montgomery College / Naval Academy.

·  Mathew Hoffman (2009 PhD AMSC program co-advised by Eugenia Kalnay). Dissertation title: " Ensemble Data Assimilation and Breeding in the Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and Mars". Matt is an Assist. Prof. at RIT.

·  Hailong Liu (2009 PhD MEES program co-advised by Senya Grodsky). Dissertation title: "Global oceanic mixed layer properties". Hailong is currently a staff scientist at NOAA/AOML in Miami.

·  Ching-Yee Chang (2008 PhD CHPH program, co-advised with Sumant Nigam). Dissertation title: "Seasonal and Interannual Ocean-Atmosphere Variability in the Tropical Atlantic: Observed Structure and Model Representation ". Currently Ching-Yee works at a private company in San Francisco.

·  Ashley Greene (2008 MS) Ashley is currently an ORISE Fellow at the EPA here in Washington DC.

·  Kathrine Collins (2007 MS) Kathrine is a research scientist with NASA Goddard Biospheric Sciences Branch.

·  Alan Cohn (2006 MS) Alan is currently Director of Climate Change at NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection

·  Jeffrey Armbruster (2005 MS) Jeff is currently employed in the wind power industry at UPC Wind Management in Newton, Massachusetts.

·  Anna Borovikov (2005 PhD AMSC program co-advised with Michele Rienecker). Dissertation title: "Multivariate Error Covariance by Monte Carlo estimate for NASA Goddard data assimilation studies in Pacific Ocean". Anna is at CACI International Inc. in Ballston, Va.

·  Gregory Foltz (2003 PhD ). Dissertation title: "Tropical Atlantic seasonal variability". Gregory is a research scientist at the NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and UW/JISAO in Seattle.

·  Chian-Yi Liu (2003 MS). Chian-Yi is at University of Wisconsin.

·  Jiande Wang (2002 PhD). Dissertation title: "Climate Variability in Tropical Atlantic Associated with AMIP". Jiande is a research scientist at the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction through SAIC.

·  Carolina Fayos (2002 MS). Carolina is a research scientist at Instituto de Química-Física, Madrid, Spain.

·  Tijana Janjic-Pfander (2001 PhD AMSC program). Dissertation title: "Error due to unresolved scales in Estimation Problems for Atmospheric Data Assimilation". Tijana is a research scientist at the Hans Ertel Center for Weather Research, Univ. Bonn

·  Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas (2001 PhD co-advised with Sumant Nigam). Dissertation title: "Interannual-to-decadal air-sea interactions in the tropical Atlantic region". Alfredo is currently an Assistant Research Scientist at University of Maryland.

·  Robert W. Eicher (2000 MS). Rob is a broadcast meteorologist with Channel 13 in central Florida.

·  Michael Taylor (1999 PhD co-advised by Anandu Vernekar). Dissertation title: "October in May: The effect of warm tropical Atlantic SST on early season Caribbean rainfall". Michael is a Lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of the West Indies.

·  Sunmi Cho (1998 MS). At last report Sunmi was working at the NASA Goddard DAAC.

·  J. Andrew Marshall (1997 MS). I think Andy is working in private industry.

·  Steven M Babin (1996 PhD). "The Effects of Transport and Convection on the Global Atmospheric Distribution of Trace Species as Determined by a Chemistry and Transport-Model". Steve is a research scientist at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

·  Zengxi Zhou (1996 PhD). Dissertation title: "The Cause of Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean". Zengxi has gone to work in private industry and is living in McLean, Va.

·  Michael S. Dinniman (1996 MS). Mike is a research scientist at Old Dominion University Department of Oceanography.

·  William J. Cunningham (1996 MS). Bill is working in private industry.

·  Thomas J. Cuff (1994 MS). Tom is Director of the US Navy NAVOCEANO Far East Regional Office in Singapore.

·  Judith E. Ghirardelli (1994 MS). Judy is a researcher in the NOAA/NWS mesoscale prediction branch working on the Localized Aviation MOS Program.

·  Bohua Huang (1992 PhD co-advised with J. Shukla). "Numerical Simulation of the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Tropical Atlantic Ocean Circulation during the 1980s". Bohua is an Associate Professor at GMU and a research scientist at COLA/IGES.

·  Jeffrey M. Vukovich (1992 MS). Jeff is a scientist at Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems in North Carolina.

·  Daniel S. Schaffer (1992 MS). Dan is working at NOAA/ESRL in Boulder, CO on scalable computing.

·  Jung-Moon Yoo (1990 PhD). "Seasonal Freshwater and Salinity Budgets in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean". Jung Moon is a Professor at EWHA Women's University in Seoul, South Korea.

·  John M. Steger (1990 MS). John is a Professor in the Dept of Chemistry, Physics, & Earth Sciences, Miami Dade College.

UG/Summer/Visiting Students

·  Dennis McGillicuddy. Dennis is a Senior Research Scientist at Woods Hole

·  Maneesha Joshi. Maneesha is a Sr. Software Engineer at TeleAtlas in Austin, Tx

·  Lydia J. Holl?

·  Femke C. Vossepoel. Femke is a research scientist at Shell Oil in the Utrecht Area, Netherlands

·  Bonnie Becker. Bonnie is an Assistant Professor at University of Washington at Takoma

·  Marlos Goes. Marlos is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Penn State

·  Ben Greene. Ben is graduate student at Penn State

University of Maryland


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