METO658A Special Topics in Meteorology  Spring 2006:

Carbon Cycle and Climate: Past, Present and Future

Wednsdays 10-12:15    Room: CSS 0201    Credits: 3   Instructor: Prof. Ning Zeng  
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Midterm Projects

Author: Presentation Abstract: Bibliography:
Douglas L. Love What caused glacial-interglacial CO2 change? Abstract
Haifeng Qian Combination of mechanisms responsible for the missing carbon Summary and References
Alan Cohn The Anthropogenic Ocean Carbon Sink Summary and References
Ryan Pavlick Maximum Entropy Production and the Carbon Cycle Summary
Jay Gregg Inverse Modeling of CO2 Sources and Sinks and the Northern Hemisphere sink Abstract Bibliography
Jay Gregg Fossil Energy Talk

Final Projects

Author: Presentation: Report: Bibliography:
Douglas L. Love δC13 Ratios of several soil and cave fill samples report and references
Alan Cohn CO2 flux in the North Pacific Report and References
Jay Gregg Soil Carbon in Greenbelt Park Report
Haifeng Qian Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and El Niņo-Southern Oscillation Report
Ryan Pavlick Maximum Entropy Production and Biotic Enhancement of Rock Weathering Summary

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