1. C20C experiment
SST forced, interactive atmo, land, vegetation (CABOa_ALV)
    We are participating C20C project.  Our model has Dynamic Vegetation and active Carbon Cycle. 


    Interactiv Components:
    This version does not include 'solar', 'aerosol', and 'volcanic' forcings.

2. Model output

         NetCDF format created by GrADS lats4d.gs on Compaq Workstation
         Binary data along with GrADS  Control files are also avialable (please contact us).

         These are ensemble means of 9 experiments.  Data can be available upon request! (Please contact us).

3. Reference

Model description :  Zeng, N., H. Qian, E. Munoz, and R. Iacono (2004), How strong is carbon cycle-
climate feedback under global warming? Geophys. Res. Lett., 31 L20203, doi:10.10292004GL020904.
PDF file of the paper

Land-Vegetation feedback :  Zeng, N., J. D. Neelin, K.-M. Lau, and C. J. Tucker, 1999: Enhancement of
interdecadal climate variability in the Sahel by vegetation interaction. Science, 286, 1537-1540.
Abstract, PDF file of the paper

Contact information (More
products from the Earth System Modeling group at UMD)
Prof. Ning Zeng (zeng@atmos.umd.edu, http://www.atmos.umd.edu/~zeng)
Dr. Jin-Ho Yoon (yjinho@atmos.umd.edu, http://www.atmos.umd.edu/~yjinho)