AOSC 684 (Fall 2006)

Instructor: Dr. Ning Zeng (

Final Project




Massimo Bollasina Variability of the Asian Monsoon as Simulated by the QTCMg -- Sensitivity to Additional Atmospheric Heat Source Presentation Report
Ji-Sun Kang Simulation of Atmospheric CO2 in SPEEDY and Application of Data Assimilation  
Chris Loughner Urbanization affects on meteorology Presentation  Report
Feng Niu The Influence of Aerosol land-surface Interaction on Climate  
Catherine Thiaw
Impacts of the CO2 levels on NCEP Operational CFS
Benjamin Wauer

Effects of Irrigation of the American West using the Intermediate Model QTCMq

Presentation Report


Java Applets (by Wenhui Wang & Ji-Sun Kang)

Atmosphere Ocean Model

Boundary Condition

Shallow Water Equation