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Photo credit: Corey Johnson
Ben Johnson
Hilo, Hawaii
UMD: BS, Physics; PhD, Physical Oceanography (Exp. 11/2015)
Dr. James Carton
Research Interests

My first exposure to geoscience research was an internship at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab in Princeton, NJ as part of the NOAA Hollings Program. I spent the summer studying meridional energy transports in general circulation models under the guidance of my research mentor, Dr. Isaac Held. I learned a tremendous amount from him and the experience galvanized my interest in the scientific study of the Earth.

Upon graduation, I was hired by Dr. Daniel Kirk-Davidoff to work on the CLARREO satellite, which will be launched in the "first-tier" of NASA's Earth Observing Decadal Survey missions to further our understanding of the climate system.

We spent a year working to determine the optimal orbital trajectories and observation strategy to achieve CLARREO's mission of measuring the Earth's brightness temperature precisely enough to monitor climate on a regional scale. Unfortunately, due budget constraints, CLARREO remains in extended pre-Phase A.

I currently work to support the NASA Aquarius Mission, collaborating with James Carton and Frank Bryan. For an explanation of our research, please visit our Ultra High Salinity Modelling Page.


For my Python programming website, please visit PyEarth.

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science | 3424 CSS Building | University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742