Some information for the speakers

  • The seminars are held on Thursday afternoons at 3:30, and are generally well attended by the faculty and students from our department, ESSIC and other departments of the university. They are also attended by scientists from NASA/GSFC, NOAA/NCEP, IGES/COLA, and other environmental science laboratories in the Baltimore/Washington/Northern Virginia metro area. Our seminar series is widely advertised through direct-mailing and email notice. Because of the different backgrounds of the audience, please consider providing a brief (5-10 min) introduction of the subject before presenting your work in depth.

  • If the Department will reimburse you expenses incurred during your visit, you may save some time downloading and filling the following Expense Statement (Ignore the "Calculate" button at the bottom of the form).

  • Please note that original receipts are needed for the University to reimburse your expenses.

  • In case you need assistance, contact Tammy Paolino, 301.405.5413, or who can give you more information about administrative issues.

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