Instructions for the contact person

Once a date has been agreed for the seminar, there will be a contact person that will help organize the visit. Below are instructions for the different aspects that need to be covered by the contact person .

Travel Plan

  • Agree with speaker on a travel plan. We usually make the hotel reservations, but let the speaker buy his/her own ticket; then he/she requests a reimbursement that includes the perdiem. We do not pay a honorarium.

  • Ask Tammy to make a hotel reservation. Please let the speaker know that the hotel charges the University directly, and the only payments due at check-out time are other incidentals incurred during the stay.

  • Give directions to the speaker: how to get to the hotel; how to get to the Department; parking arrangements (Tammy has the parking permits); address any other needs.


  • Make lunch arrangements and reservations for the day of the seminar (with Tammy's help). Lunch is for five, one of them a student.

  • Post a sign-up sheet for lunch (and let all know where it is posted).

    Organize visit

  • Find out speaker presentation needs, and take care of them (Powerpoint presentation? One or two overhead projectors?).

  • If needed, ask Tammy Paolino (in advance!) for a parking permit. Tammy is in room 3411, x5-5413.

  • Organize schedule of visit. Post sign-up sheet for anybody interested in meeting the speaker (and let all know where it is posted).

  • Host speaker the day of the visit (be ready to hand him/her the parking permit; take out for lunch, presentation arrangements...).

  • Introduce the speaker to the audience.


  • Explain reimbursement rules. Original receipts will be needed.

  • Make sure the reimbursement form is filled properly (the form is available here). Hand it to Tammy.