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     * Roberts Workshop , Oct. 29, 2012   (Review)   

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Washington Recorder Society

 The Washington Recorder Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recorder playing.  WRS is a chapter of the American Recorder Society.  Currently the WRS has about 49 members.

 WRS meets twice a month for ensemble playing, instruction, and guest recorder concerts  at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814-4099, from 8:00-10:00 pm.  Sheet music is supplied to participants at each meeting. These meetings are  usually on the first and third Mondays from September through May.

The first Monday of the month is the Nova session, and is devoted to two hours of group playing under the leadership of Dick Shrager.  The music ranges from the Middle Ages to modern jazz and tango.

 The third Monday of the month is the Antiqua session.  It begins with a brief business meeting which is followed by a  guest recorder concert by a local group.  The concert usually lasts about 30-40 minutes.  After the guest concert, the attendees break up into separate ensembles under the direction of a group leader.

In 2013-2014, there  will be three ensembles to choose from at each Antiqua session:

 In 2013-2014, WRS will host two exciting workshops  by Gwyn Roberts and  Shelley Gruskin.  Keep posted for more information on these workshops by clicking on workshop.

 In early May, WRS holds a Spring Concert where all Antiqua groups perform along with guest ensembles.  On occasion  at the Spring Concert, a group of WRS players has premiered a new composition for recorder.  See the review of the 2012 concert under Newsworthy Items.

 To join WRS, click on how to become a member.

 For WRS’s 2013-2014 schedule, click on schedule.

Offices and Officers
President / ARS Chapter Representative

  Vickie Walter...................(301) 891-1367  

Vice President
Helen Eliot......................(301) 593-0061

Web-Master / Secretary
  Ferdinand Baer.................(301) 622-4793

Art Jacobson....................(301) 983-1310


  Anne Hinton......................(301) 229-5569

                            Bruce Crane........................(703) 241-8210            


     Jane T.Udelson...................(202) 966-0331

 Jayme  Sokolow...............(301) 933-3989

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Visitors and Lost Locals

    If you are traveling in the area with your recorders at the time of one of our meetings (see schedules above), you are welcome to join us in playing with one of our groups.  We meet at the following location and the map should help to locate you:

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church
9601 Cedar Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814-4099


Newsworthy items


    WRS has held a contest during 2013 for a new recorder composition to celebrate our 50-year affiliation with the ARS. During the past two months playing groups from WRS have played through the 19 compositions we received. Results of these sessions narrowed the field to six possible selections, and at a final session on April 17The Federal Fantasia and Fugue’ by Glen Shannon won the First Prize of $750.00.  Second Prize of $500.00 was awarded toThe Gypsy Recorder Consort in Washington!’ by Keith Terrett.  The judges for the final session were Tina Chancey, Richard Spittal of the Baltimore Early Music Group, and Col. Michael Colburn, Director of the Marine Band.

Both pieces were performed at the Spring Concert in May.  To see and hear The Federal Fantasia and Fugue’, click here and to download the music, click here.  Similarly,  To see and hear The Gypsy Recorder Consort in Washington!’, click here and to download the music, click here.




On Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 3:00pm at the Presbyterian Church of the Atonement, the WRS presented its annual spring concert.  Note the change in venue due to extenuating circumstances.  This is a tradition of over thirty years wherein subgroups of the society and their friends perform some of the beautiful literature available to recorders and other early instruments.  Nine groups performed at this year's concert and the variety of music was delightful.  This year in celebration of the 50th year of WRS membership in the ARS, the WRS held an international competition for an original musical piece written for 4-5 recorders.  Nineteen entrees were received and the two best pieces chosen by a board of professional musicians were performed at the concert.  In addition, following the concert, the WRS hosted its members, guests and performers to a reception that included delicacies of food and drink as well as animated conversation.  A large and cheerful turnout indicated that the concert was a great success.  Since it is difficult in this day and age to attract new members to our society, we are encouraged that this event may lead to a renaissance for the WRS.  We therefore hope that you will join one of our performing groups in the future or just come to listen.  Click here for the program of this year's concert.  To see the performers for each presentation, click on the group name.

Social Hour

The board has determined that there will be a social hour with beverage service preceding the Antiqua meeting.  The social hour will commence at 7:30pm and will be followed by the regular meeting at 8:00pm.  Please come and interact with your fellow members.

Roger Morris and the Morris Music Collection

Jayme Sokolov


On Sunday, April 11, 2010, Roger Morris died.  He is survived by Myra, his wife of 51 years, and his son and daughter.


Roger grew up in Los Angeles and earned his undergraduate degree in engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles and his master’s degree in urban and regional planning at the University of Southern California.  For many years, he worked for the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Outside of work and family, Roger’s two reigning passions were volleyball and music.  For many years, Roger conducted WRS’s Nova session.  In addition, he led an Antiqua session on Bach that attracted many participants.  He also was an excellent recorder player. 


Roger brought his infectious exuberance, curiosity, and energy to WRS.  He enjoyed conducting music and he really enjoyed transcribing music by hand for his Nova and Bach groups.  These highly legible four-part transcriptions captured the essence of Bach and other composers at an intermediate playing level and always were enjoyable to perform. 


After Roger and Myra retired to Santa Cruz, California, he continued his involvement with WRS by leading fall workshops for several years.  He also shared his musical talents with the South Bay Recorder Society in San Jose.


As Roger lay dying, he sorted through his voluminous files of musical hand transcriptions.  He and Myra arranged to ship 90 pounds of music to WRS as his parting gift to us.  Some of them include continuo parts on CDs that Roger programmed on his electric keyboard.


These musical transcriptions now constitute the Roger Morris Collection and are housed in the WRS cabinet in the basement of the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, which contains our other musical collections.


If you are interested in borrowing music from the Roger Morris Collection, board members have keys to the cabinet.


We will remember Roger with great fondness.


      FOR SALE: No recorders are for sale at this time. However at the 10/21/2013 Antiqua meeting some donated recorders will be available at auction.

  Professional Recorder Teachers

WRS is proud to report that four professional recorder teachers rank among its membership.  For members seeking professional help with their playing, these individuals would be pleased to discuss your needs with you.  You may contact them as follows:

John Benaglia      (202-234-1837)
Suzana Cooper     (301-718-6454)
Kay Jones              (301-652-7231)  ensemble teacher
Carole Rogentine (301-530-6386), crogentine@gmail.com . Teaches all levels. Available for         coaching Baroque ensembles.

WRS Music Library

The WRS music library consists of two separate collections of printed music. All the music in both collections is available to WRS members to borrow.  The music is stored in two cabinets in room 1, downstairs at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church where our meetings are held.  The cabinets are unlocked and open before and during our Nova and Antiqua meetings and workshops.  Instructions for charging out and returning music are posted on the inside of the right-hand door of the right-hand cabinet.

   The collections consist of the original WRS music, which has accumulated since the beginning of the Society itself,  the Oler Collection, which was given to the WRS several years ago by the Oler family, and the Morris collection.  The music in these collections is fully cataloged according to number of instruments and by composer or title.  There are also some exercise and performance manuals.  It is easy to find a specific piece of music you might want or to browse through the music according to solo or ensemble music.

Members are encouraged to use the music. 

Meeting policy for snow days

 Cedar Lane Unitarian Church's policy about closings/cancellations of evening meetings is the following.  A message will be placed on the church phone number if the building is to be closed during the evening.  The way to check is to call 301-493-8300.  If there is no word about closing, they are open.  Their policy is to remain open as much as possible, even if the County schools are closed.  Their primary concern is the condition of their parking lots.  Please use this method as your first line of information on whether a meeting of the WRS will be cancelled.